25 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures

25 weeks pregnant – almost to 26! Each week that passes now is a huge reminder of how amazing it is to have a fairly normal pregnancy.

Yes, I’m still at a very high risk for preterm labor. I’m still under the care of an OB and a high risk Dr. I still have daily and weekly shots, along with a regimen of medicine to choke down each night. However, things with this baby are good so far. I almost have to refrain from asking, “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” at each appointment.

So here’s my 25th week in review, from belly shots to Bella to Mother’s Day and some angry geese thrown in. ūüėČ ¬†Enjoy:

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    Click through to see belly shots, family photos, and updates on my 25th week of pregnancy!

  • Pregnancy Brain 2 of 17

    This Saturday morning I'd forgotten to wash any of my tops that could hold up in the crazy heat here. So for the first part of the morning I only wore a skirt. And bra. 

    I was very comfortable thank you very much. Obviously we didn't leave the house. 

  • Across the World 3 of 17

    Don't worry, Sam was driving. What never ceases to amaze me about living here is this is Mexico. Right there. Maybe a half mile away from the freeway. It's so crazy to look out your window and see a different country. 

  • Angry Birds 4 of 17

    We headed to one of the (few) ponds around here to feed the geese and ducks. They are used to bread, so the millet and other seed we tried wasn't a huge hit. This one lunging at Sam really took a dislike to him; hissing and trying to bite him. Once we realized they had buried eggs all around we moved away. 

  • Angry Pregs 5 of 17

    I look angry, but I'm not. This is Bella and me and I'm 25 weeks exactly. I had Sam take a picture of us so we'd have a few full length ones. 

  • Mini Him 6 of 17

    This picture cracks me up. She's like a tiny Sam, in so many ways. They even have the same purposeful stride. ūüôā

  • Quiet 7 of 17

    This moment happened right before Bella threw a tantrum about not going to the playground fast enough. It was a lovely, quiet moment while it lasted. She looked adorable. 

  • Mother’s Day 8 of 17

    This was my very first Mother's Day card from Bella. She made it for me in Sunday School that morning. Then insisted it was for Daddy. 

  • Bathie 9 of 17

    We bought Bella a new towel (thank you Target) that matches her room decorations. She was so cute and excited that evening. 

  • WAHM 10 of 17

    Working from home means that some mornings look like this. Which is pretty sweet. 

    This current morning does not look like this. 

  • Love 11 of 17

    Morning snuggles. 

  • Turn Back Time 12 of 17

    This week Bella turned 3 1/2. I wrote a post and included pics of her oh-so-tiny. 

    Then my heart exploded. 


  • Glucose Coma 13 of 17

    Those glucose tests are no joke. The drink was pretty tasty, but having fasted all night and downing one, then not eating again for another 2 hours, I was done when we got home. My blood sugar was off whack all day long. I wanted to puke and fall asleep. 

  • Story Time 14 of 17

    Every night Bella and I snuggle up to read. This was the book Katy No Pocket. It's one of Bella's favorites, and I'm fond of it too. It ties into our Five in a Row Homeschooling as well. 

  • Play Therapy 15 of 17

    Bella had one of her last play therapy sessions this month. She's gone since August, after the trauma and loss of the twins. It's helped tremendously with her ability to process things and even mine in parenting. 

  • Heat Wave 16 of 17

    This is us. This week. Mid May.

    Even for El Paso, it makes me cringe. This summer in third tri should be a dream. 


  • Weekly Shot 17 of 17

    25 weeks and 6 days. Note to self: clean the mirror this week. 


How Far Along: 25 weeks and 6 days!

Baby is the size of a: Cauliflower

Sleep:¬†HIPS. I need to see a prenatal chiropractor. I’m finding myself sleeping on my back just to get away from the hip pain.

Total Weight Gain: 10 lbs.

Labor Signs:¬†Braxton Hicks have started. I think – it’s still hard to tell if it’s that or him pressing up against me.

Stretch Marks: Yes. And new ones. Very red. Very stretchy. Mostly on my stomach but also backs of my legs and boobs.

Innie or Outie:¬†I think that this time might result in an outie. I’m getting closer to being just flat, but there is so much longer to go I can’t see that lasting long. Honestly? It’s creepy.

Movement:¬†All the time. This kid is like an acrobat. I feel awkward sitting next to strangers because I feel like they’re going to move away from me in case an alien bursts through my stomach.

Maternity Clothes: All of them.

Go-to eats: Fries. Volcano nachos from Taco Bell. Milk. Cereal. Fruit. Pasta.

Best moment of the week: Seeing my entire stomach shift to the right as this little guy gets comfortable.

Gender: BOY!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to:¬†We scheduled a 4D on DVD ultrasound for next month!

Milestones:¬†Baby’s eyes are opening and he responds to noises. Which is very, very true. Thank you to the husband for testing that theory by talking loudly into my stomach.

Photo Credit: istockphotos.com and my own

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