27 Weeks Pregnant . . . With a Cauliflower?

Cabbage Patch Kid
Apparently this is what my baby looks like this week

I get these weekly emails that remind me of how pregnant I am. I think the website that sends them out does it to inform me about where I’m at in my pregnancy and what’s happening with my baby’s development and my body, but since I’m feeling too pregnant and tired to remember how far along I am, for me the emails are like biological alarm clocks. (Oh yeah, I’m pregnant. Wait, I’m how far along?!)

The emails also serve to give me a good giggle every week as I click them open and wait to read what fruit or vegetable my baby has become.

On this week’s menu? A Cabbage Patch Doll. At 27 weeks along, I am told my baby stretches about 14 ½ inches with her legs extended and weighs almost 2 pounds (never mind my doctor’s visit from a few weeks ago that revealed my baby was already likely over 2 pounds) – “like the head of a cauliflower.”

Over the past few weeks she’s morphed from various fruits like mangoes (never mind that I recently became allergic to mangoes) and bananas. She has occasionally taken on the shapes of foods that I don’t enjoy, but as dumb as I am, I’m smart enough to know there’s no correlation between my actual baby and these foods. Still, I can’t help buy envisioning an expansion of the Mr. Potato Head line of toys to include in utero babies and all of the various foods they take on over the 40-week gestation period.

The thing is that I’ve noticed the emails never tell me my baby is the size of, say, a Twinkie or a donut. I wonder if they do that on purpose. After it, it seems it would be unfair to plant a seed (she was a sesame seed in the very beginning) of something sweet and then launch into an article about the importance of healthy eating during pregnancy. Or maybe I just have Hostess cupcakes on the brain and would like them in my belly. Is it ever too soon to introduce your child to the goodness of processed desserts?

What’s your favorite baby fruit/vegetable metaphor?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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