28 Week Update: Hello, Third Trimester!

Ah, the third trimester. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it at one point. But, I am here. Thrilled. Even with the awful indegestion, total 7 month preggers uncomfortable-ness, and well, the list goes on. I am just thrilled the good news countinued this week. Along with more cute sono pics! Check em’ out below.  And well, I am feeling pretty blessed after the last whirlwind weeks. I think the roller coaster ride is finally ending. Fingers crossed, prayers answered. As always, if you need to catch-up on my roller coaster ride pregnancy, see my last few updates.

After 3 weeks on a little miracle drug, Indocin, I am happy to report that I am off-bed rest {with exceptions}, off all medications, and my first summer vacay to the lake house is fully planned. Can I get an amen? This girl has been smiling ALL day. It is the biggest relief off my shoulders that my team of doctors along with my very convseartavie high-risk doctor finally has the faith I had all along. So, I am guesing what the details since this is pretty huge news for those following me from the get-go.

The bed rest, with expections goes a little like this; common sense. Sure, I can’t go run a marathon and take hour long trips to the mall everyday but, I don’t have to get the okay from my doctor everytime I want to do something. THIS is amazing considering they were positieve they weren’t going to let-up on the bed rest until delivery. They were also banking on me delivering at 34 weeks but honestly, I still plan to prove them wrong. Who wants to take dibs? I bet I will be overdue after all these medications, bed rest, etc. I just have that mother instinct on this one.

Next question – why off the meds so quickly? I got this question all day from family and friends. So basically they went from worryring you were going to completely loose the baby, to taking you off all medications and bed rest? To some, this didn’t make sense at all. However, my “stats” so to speak pretty much have spoken for themselves the last few weeks. There is has been absolutely no change in my cervix. In fact, today it was the longest it has ever been – almost 4cm. As you know, the cervical length is the number one thing they look for in pre-term labor. Next up is the Fetal Fibronectin test which I’ve been getting swapped for every week. This test helps detect premature labor and well, it’s always been negative. And last was the very important pros and cons of the Indocin. We knew when I started this medication what the cons were and what side effects the medication may bring as I enter the third trimester. My doctor truly believed, since I look great on paper and finally feel pretty good for being 7 months pregnant, that the cons outweight the pros at this point in my pregnancy. Now sure, if I start contracting, I have 3 bottles of medication to back me up pretty quickly. But – knock on wood – I don’t think I’ve had a series of contractions like I was dealing with in over 2 weeks. Again, major prayers answered here. 

So, I will now return to the regular scheduled programming of no longer having to visit 2 doctors each week. I will head back to just seeing my regualr OBGYN weekly as long as I countinue to have no problems. This is so exciting. As much as I am really going to miss my high-risk doctor, I am thrilled with not having to feel like I live in the doctors. At one point, I was being seen 3-4 times a week. So once again – exciting! 

And now the serious countdown begins. Will I make my due date? I say yes. In fact, I really think, because this pregnancy has been one of the absolute worst and now that things are settling down this late in the game; I will be overdue. And I am fine with that as long as I don’t have to have  a c-section or have to be induced at 42 weeks. I will be beyond thrilled to make it to 37-40 weeks. After all, I only made it to term once in the last 4 pregnancies.

Tomorrow I will be shooting my last round of maternity photos. I shot them a few weeks ago because I was seriously worried I would be delivering early. You may remember browsing through them here. I can’t wait to share the news ones with you and I will make sure you keep you all updated on any news! My Babble readers have been absolutely amazing through this journey and I am thrilled to have such great ladies following me and praying for me along the way. Thank you!

Now, take a little browse through my sono pictures this week and weigh in to give us your opinon. We think he looks just like our youngest! Too soon to tell? 

  • Profile 1 of 5
  • Boy Parts 2 of 5
    Boy Parts
    After having 4 girls, my husband still ask to check for those boyparts.
  • 3D 3 of 5
    I love it when he shows us that face. Still absolutely crazy how much he looks like our youngest, Sadie. See the next picture and tell me what you think!
  • Sadie 4 of 5
    Can we say twins?
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    One More Profile
    He was sucking his thumb. So sweet!


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