28 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures

As some of you sweetly and excitedly told me on Instagram (I’m dianawrote!), 28 weeks was a HUGE milestone in a pregnancy. I’m incredibly thankful to be this point. Actually today I’m approximately 29 weeks, but 28 weeks pregnant was wonderful.

I’m starting to feel a lot more Braxton Hicks, which don’t hurt at all even if they are uncomfortable. They aren’t regular and they subside a bit with rest and water, so I try to remind myself to slow down and rest when I can. Thank goodness Bella still naps.

This boy is up at all hours, a sure sign of what’s to come for me in a few months. He rolls and punches, he’s found my rib cage with his feet already. Sometimes I can feel him simultaneously on my bladder and lungs and I wonder where on earth he plans on going in the next 11 weeks?

We had a week of fun, tantrums, dealing with 100*+ heat on a daily basis, and cravings. I even threw in a border shot of us and Mexico to show those of you who wondered what it looks like.

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  • Small Steps 1 of 16

    My friend The Little Illustrator sent me this Sakura Bloom sling to use with the baby. I'd been oogling over them forever. It's a sweet reminder to me of what I'm looking forward to.

  • Slow mornings 2 of 16

    It's almost too hot to be outside much anymore (seriously, like 105*) but we take what we can get in the mornings on the back porch.

  • Displeased 3 of 16

    My cat has always had this sixth sense about when I'm pregnant. He adores laying my stomach, but this night I was resting because of Braxton Hicks and that feeling seemed to irritate him.

  • Farmer’s Market 4 of 16

    I decided that no matter what else, I will buy myself fresh flowers a few times a month from our local farmer's market. They make our whole kitchen seem brighter.

  • Homeschool 5 of 16

    Learning the letter B this past week was a highlight for Bella. She realized her name contained that letter and then it was fairly easy to find an infinite number after that.

  • Dress Up 6 of 16

    Bella received a package full of Disney World goodies from one of our friends Tricia at Boho Mama Soul. She is completely obsessed with Cinderella, but the best part is how she always wants to dress up and then get in the mud. Sadly we had to have a chat about that. 🙂

  • And when she was good she was very good… 7 of 16

    Outside, peacefully playing in her Cinderella dress with her animals and ark. A few minutes later...

  • And when she was bad she was horrid. 8 of 16

    This happened as she chased the cat through the hall with a hanger and then attempted to whack it under the bed. A time out and, of course, the end of the world occurred right after.

  • Taco Bell 9 of 16

    Oh, the heartburn. I paid dearly for this. It was worth it though.

  • Big 10 of 16

    Pretty much the most unflattering shot of me ever. But let's face it, this is too real to pass up. Sorry anyone who has to look at this for more than a minute (like my husband).

  • In the way 11 of 16

    It's getting harder to reach around my stomach to do things like type.

  • Saturdays 12 of 16

    We head out nearly every Saturday morning to our local farmer's market, with Daddy too. There isn't a lot of produce there at the moment, but we find something interesting nearly every time. Last week they had baby goats, swoon!

  • This is the border. 13 of 16

    I've had a lot of inquiries about what the border between Texas and Mexico actually is/looks like since we've lived here. In all honesty, I had no idea what it was before we moved either. So these were two shots I got (see Mexico?) while Sam drove. The Rio Grande is on the other side, along with a lot of border patrol.

  • Raccoons 14 of 16

    We ordered a butterfly kit to help Bella understand how caterpillars turn into butterflies. It's pretty amazing. I love that she calls them "raccoons" instead of cocoons.

  • Break Time 15 of 16

    It might seem like I chug coffee by the gallon based off my pics, but in reality I have a cup or so every other day. There are afternoons when I jump in the car with Bella, grab us something at Starbucks, and head back to relax on the porch for a while. 

    Love those sandals? Children's Place

  • Sibling Love 16 of 16

    By far my favorite pic from last week. Bella laid her head on my stomach one night as the baby kicked away, and I snapped this shot to remember the moment. 

 Photo credit: my own

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