29 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures

Well here we are. Looking back on 29 weeks pregnant with this little boy. Amazing. With 30 happening tomorrow (I feel like these past few weeks have flown by), it feels somewhat like we’re in a time crunch to fully comprehend we’re about to go from 3 to 4 very soon.

With Braxton Hicks in full swing, the cerclage removal 6 weeks away, and us realizing we have nothing ready, things are starting to get kicked into high gear around here for a baby and a cross country move just a few weeks later. Do I have it all set and planned? I do not. Does that freak me out? It totally does. However, I know that all the stress in the world won’t help things go any different. Look at our move to El Paso. That couldn’t have gone any worse and I planned it down to the last detail.

So here’s our week in review. From some 4D pics at our latest ultrasound, to a tiny Bella, to a night where both of us did nothing but throw up.


  • 29 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures 1 of 15

    Click through to see my 29th week of pregnancy - from 4D ultrasound pics, Braxton Hicks worries, to why my dog is sometimes a bigger pain than a kid.

  • Bump Comparison 2 of 15

    From 21-28 weeks. I also wrote about this on my blog, but I feel like he's a lot lower. Probably due to how huge he is. My stomach is nearly knocking Bella out of the picture. Not the most flattering shot (right?), but they were snapped for comparison only. 

  • Techie 3 of 15

    Bella was taking selfies on her Leap Pad while I took pictures of her. Cracked me up.

  • Bye-Bye’s 4 of 15

    These past two weeks we helped raise caterpillars that then turned into butterflies. The day they hatched Bella gave them food (sugar water on flowers and watermelon) and just a few days later we let them go. She calls them bye-bye's and their cocoons "racoons."

  • Ski Slope 5 of 15

    It honestly looks like you could jump off my stomach here. 29 weeks and 1 day with a lot of Braxton Hicks happening then. Turned out to be ok.

  • Baby is an… 6 of 15

    acorn squash! He was already over this weight at our Tuesday appointment as well as measuring 2-3 weeks ahead.

    Photo credit: Bump App

  • Why are there so many wrecks here? 7 of 15

    Perhaps because not only do people drive absolutely insane, they also carry unsecured palm trees in their car while swerving in and out of traffic. And ladders. And crates. And people. (Pic taken in traffic at a red light.)

  • Sick 8 of 15

    Bella spent a good 24 hours this week puking up everything and running a fever. On top of poor Sam having to clean it all up at midnight, I got a whiff and also threw up. It was like some kind of a movie where you hope it never happens to you.

  • Warm 9 of 15

    Yep. 106*. That was nothing, almost a treat when the "real feel" was 112*.

  • Blankets and Babies 10 of 15

    I'm trying to get this finished before the baby arrives. I honestly don't know if I will at the rate I'm having to rip out stitches and redo things. Still, I'm determined to give it my best shot.

  • Bella and Baby 1 11 of 15

    Side by side shots of Bella just a few days (and weeks!) older than this little boy. In every.single.shot we got of him this week for our 4D he looked completely different. This one had him rather smashed.

  • Bella and Baby 2 12 of 15

    Side profile of his. I see the same lips and nose - I personally think he looks like my husband Sam more than me but we shall see soon!

  • Lunch date 13 of 15

    Thursday I took Bella to lunch. It hit me that, for a while, there won't be many more times with just her and I in between her brother arriving and then us moving. I haven't thought of that much with all the stress this pregnancy brought, but as time passes those things hit me more.

  • Charlie 14 of 15

    I have a love/want to sell relationship with this dog. I do adore Charlie. He's my buddy and loves Bella to pieces. But oh, the mess he can make. He's into everything all the time. Honestly, he's probably the biggest stress in our home and there are times I wonder if I'll lose my sanity once the baby is here too.

  • Fruit. All the time. 15 of 15

    I've hit the fruit/healthy cravings. Finally. I was thinking about starting to wear a shirt that said, "This pregnancy sponsored by McDonalds and Taco Bell." Now all I want is cold fruit, quinoa, milk, and lots of soup.

 Photo credit: my own

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