3 Products to Ease Morning Sickness

While I was one of the lucky ones to only have a week or so of pregnancy nausea, I’ve known women who had morning sickness throughout the entire first trimester — and one unlucky woman who was continuously nauseous for six months straight. And then there are the extremely (and I mean ex-treme) unfortunate women who have such severe morning sickness — known as hyperemesis gravidarum — that they need serious cancer-level medication for some relief. (This woman even considered terminating her pregnancy because of it.)

For those with a more normal yet semi-debilitating form of pregnancy nausea — especially for those of us with an older child to take care of and, you know, a job to hold down — there are plenty of products that promise relief.

Here are some tried-and-true, pregnancy-safe anti-morning sickness remedies, as well as tips to alleviate your temporary yet torturous situation:

Preggie Pop Drops are a popular “must-have” on many pregnant women’s lists, made from evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup and all natural flavorings. Not only do the flavors reduce nausea, but the small serving is believed to help, as is the aromatherapy of the drops. The sugars in Preggie Pop Drops also might prevent hypoglycemia, which is a possible cause of morning sickness.

If Preggie Pop Drops aren’t your thing, B-natal Therapops contain vitamin B6 and sugar — both of which are thought to be the best remedy for morning sickness.

And if the thought of sucking on a lozenge seems unfathomable, many pregnant women swear by these PSI bands — which is a drug-free wristband that uses acupressure to relieve nausea and vomiting. You can even control the pressure of these multi-designed bands with a dial.

For more tips on morning sickness remedies, Danielle put together a comprehensive list here. And Ceridwen suggests that there might be a morning sickness miracle pill — but you have to make it yourself.

There are plenty of other natural methods people use to cope, like gingerale, Saltines and, as controversial and illegal as it is, marijuana. What about you? What did you use for morning sickness?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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