3 Rules of Postpartum Dressing

Toss those maternity clothes, pronto!

Henry was born 10 months ago today and I’m still wearing maternity clothes. Not because I need to, meaning not because I’m still fat, but because I haven’t really gone out and bought new clothes.

Which, according to the Cardigan Empire I am breaking the very first rule of postpartum dressing. Do not wear maternity clothes. Ha. Haha. But then, I’ve always been a rule breaker. But you! YOU. You should check out the rules of postpartum dressing because you are cute and lovely and, unlike me, will probably benefit from them.

As the Cardigan Empire puts it, “pregnancy can amplify your body type”. No kidding. Curvy was a nice way of describing my post pregnancy body. But, again, the folks over at the Cardigan Empire have a polite way of phrasing things: “You, Ms. De-Milo, now possess rotund curves that unadorned, inspired masters of aesthetics. Your undulating outline can dramatize clothing in a way that svelte lines can not attempt.”

The Rules of Postpartum Dressing are as follows:

Pack away all maternity clothing. No more! Put. It. Away. Or you’ll end up like me. Still swimming in shapeless black stretch pants ten months out. You must now button and zipper your pants.

Inventory your closet.  Set aside all early pregnancy items you wore. Evaluate what to pack away and what to keep. “When you seek blouses, hunt before an imminent meal when your milk storage will be most abundant. And ensure that the new top will comfortably accommodate nursing.” Build a minimum wardrobe that fits you right now. You can wear these items during those first few weeks after baby is born and your body deflates.

Wear the crap out of this snazzy little wardrobe you’ve assembled. You’re going to toss this stuff when you’re ready to reclaim your original wardrobe in a few months!

You can click on over to the Cardigan Empire for more tips and tricks for postpartum dressing.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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