3 Surprising Facts About Pregnancy You Might Not Know

Surprising Pregnancy Facts

It seems just as soon as you announce your pregnancy, any woman who’s ever given birth suddenly becomes a pregnancy expert. As if her pregnancy is exactly how your pregnancy or how all pregnancies — go. It might annoy you now, but the reality is that after your baby is born, you are likely going to become the next pregnancy expert.

There’s lots we know about pregnancy, and there’s lots we continue to discover. I don’t claim to be an expert at all. In fact, I love learning new things, including pregnancy info. That’s why I was excited to come across an article on Discovery News about surprising pregnancy facts. I hadn’t heard of a bunch of them!

These were the three that surprised me the most:

  • Little Ones are busy bees! Unborn babies move just about once a minute on average, and they yawn, swallow, play with their umbilical cords, and even make facial expressions. According to the article, “There’s nothing new that a newborn does… They’ve practiced it all before birth.”
  • Boys Not Girls! are “Trouble” You can ditch the old wives’ tales about predicting gender, but new research suggests that the baby’s sex can affect a mother’s health. Specifically, women pregnant with boys are more likely to have issues remembering things, and giving birth to a boy raises the risk of the mother developing an autoimmune disease likely because of the Y chromosome.
  • Unborn Babies CRY! According to the article, “When scientists measure the flow of amniotic fluid near the mouths and noses of third-trimester fetuses, they see patterns that look exactly the same as the patterns of breathing and diaphragm contractions that occur when babies cry.” But not to worry: Your baby isn’t sad or in pain. Crying is just natural!

Are you surprised by any of these little-known facts? Be sure to check out Discovery News’ full list!


Source: Discovery News
Photo: iStockphoto

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