3 Surprising Things About My Last OB Check-up

surprised pregnant ladyI finally, finally had my last OB check-up yesterday! Woot! It was pretty fast, as usual. I peed in a cup and they checked my weight and blood pressure. The end. It was all very standard, except for a few little details:

1. My weight didn’t go up. For the second week in a row my weight barely went up at all. I gained 2 ounces last week and 2 ounces this week. I’m confused by this because a) I  feel huge, b) I had been gaining weight at a very steady clip, and c) I thought the baby was supposed to gain a half a pound a week at this stage, not to mention what I should be gaining on my own body. Huh. My OB doesn’t seemed concerned about this at all so I guess it’s OK?

2. My OB changed my medication for the next week. For the last 8 months I’ve been self-injecting Lovenox, a slow release blood thinner, into my love handles every morning. It’s not fun but it’s just part of me having healthy pregnancies. I’ve gotten used to the pinch and the subsequent bruising. (And one upshot: vaccines were no biggie for my kids this year because they see me give myself a shot every single day.)

But yesterday my OB switched me over to twice daily Heparin injections. I totally forgot this was going to happen. The logic here is that if I go into labor on my own then the Heparin doesn’t last as long in my system and can even be medically blocked if necessary, so they can deliver my baby safely with no blood thinners in the mix. The bummer is that the Heparin shots are just unpleasant. The needle is bigger. They don’t come in pre-filled syringes so I have to play nurse and fill them myself. And twice a day? Ugh.

3. I got my induction date! After many, many weeks of waiting my OB finally put me on the calendar to be induced early next week. I’m in a little bit of shock. This time next week I’ll have a BABY, you guys. I have a lot of last-minute preparations to do. And of course…

I need to go take a nap.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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