3 Things I Wish I Had Known At 5 Weeks

Despite my strange and scary symptoms, I was still really and truly pregnant! And yes, I felt the need to take 5 tests on the first day to prove it to myself.

There’s something in the water because, suddenly, everyone I know is pregnant.  Okay, maybe not everyone, but I have heard the happy news from six friends in the last three months.

I love pregnancy blogs like because I think it gives women an opportunity to talk about things they wouldn’t otherwise say to each other.  Too often, we keep things to ourselves because we feel like it’s ‘too much information’ or ‘gross.’   I’m trying to bring this openness to my real life, too, so when my friend called with the pee stick happy news, I was quick to tell her the three things I wish I had known at five weeks:  

  • You May Bleed: Around 5.5 weeks, I started to spot dark brown and lighter pink blood. I freaked out. I 100% believed that my period was coming, and I was about to experience a miscarriage. When the bleeding stopped the next day, I relaxed – until it started again a week later. I rushed to the doctor’s and was relieved to hear her say that many women – she said 30% – experience bleeding in early pregnancy with no ill effects. As long as it wasn’t copious, bright red, or with clots, I would probably be just fine.
  • You May Cramp: To me, cramping means my period is on the way. So when I cramped from Week 5 – Week 7, hard and furious on one side, I tortured myself with unhappy thoughts. My doctor also assured me that cramping is normal as the fertilized egg implants and the uterus begins to stretch.
  • You Might Not Have Other Symptoms: “Why aren’t I puking?” I moaned to my husband. “Why do my boobs not feel sore? Why doesn’t everything smell bad?” I didn’t have the ‘classic’ symptoms of pregnancy, and it was terrifying. To me, morning sickness meant that I was pregnant. And since I wasn’t yakking up a storm, I wasn’t really pregnant… right? As the weeks progressed, I realized that everyone reacts differently to pregnancy, and for me, that meant that I never vomited.

What do you wish you had known in the initial weeks of pregnancy?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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