30 Rock: Liz Lemon Is (Not) Pregnant [VIDEO]

Liz getting advice about Baby Megaphones

Last night’s 30 Rock was a Pregnancy Joke Fiesta. Here’s the setup: Jack asks Liz to take Avery shopping for baby things “You know, a crib, small clothes, a tiny desk with a miniature pen set on it”. See, Avery has no friends of her own to shop with, he says, because she’s been attempting to hide her pregnancy from her co-workers—at 8 months. Of course, she’s had help. Michael Kors has whipped up some wizard cloaks for his new collection to help Avery with her concealment. The problem, says Jack, is that Avery’s close to being named Financial Reporter for the Nightly News…and she’d never get the job if they knew she was pregnant. This, of course, sends Liz into a momentary outrage. This would never happen if men could get pregnant! That’s why she’s writing a play about Seahorses. (In case you’re not up on seahorse physiology, male seahorses actually do the gestating of offspring).

But (also of course) she agrees to go along with Avery on her baby shopping adventure. While at the baby store, who should Liz and Avery run into but Carmen Chao, Avery’s competition for the anchor job. If Carmen finds out about Avery’s pregnancy, she’s doomed. So what else can Liz do but announce her own pregnancy?

Alas, Carmen says she’s doing a story on single mothers (over 40) and insists Liz represent. Jack begs her to go along with the story to protect Avery’s job.  Hilarity ensues, in the form of a lot of pretty funny pregnancy jokes. See the entire episode on video below!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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