30 Weeks Pregnant and Passing Out? It’s Not My Favorite Way To Start The Weekend

Ever had those days where your Thursday runs to Friday and it’s just like you’ve been awake for days? Well, welcome to how my weekend started. No fun to say the least. 

As well all know from my last pregnancy update, things have been okay. Hope I didn’t jinx myself typing this! However, Thursday evening I just wasn’t feeling well at all. It was around 10pm when my contractions were coming steady + strong every 5 minutes. Not a good thing when you are still 10 weeks from your due date. I felt like I was going to pass out and literally like I had been hit by a truck. Something just wasn’t right. 

I popped my pre-term labor stopping pill, drank a ton of water, laid on my left side but still nadaThese babies weren’t stopping. I know. You are probably reading this and thinking get your booty to the hospital. Well, I don’t rush off these days because I have a lovely little thang called an irritable uterus so most of the time it’s my uterus being a pain not my cervix. This can be good, bad and annoying. Back to story time…

So, I had been feeling the urge to pee every 5 minutes (sorry for the TMI but it’s a typical 3rd trimester thing) and it was around 2:30am, I still had not slept and got up to go, again. The last thing I remember? Sitting on the pot. Yes, the toilet.  However, this is not where I woke up. Almost a minute later I woke up on the ground, slightly hanging over my bathtub, complete opposite of the toilet to my husband repeatedly screaming my name. He realized I didn’t fall that I had passed out. Within ten minutes, we had packed up the Littles and were heading to drop them with my sister so we could go to the hospital. By this time, it was almost 4am. Needless to say, I was feeling like a zombie. Luckily, my water didn’t break from the hard fall however, I felt so sick, even more than before now that we were pretty sure I hit my head on the sink and bathtub. And well, the hubs wanted to make sure our little guy  was okay. So, off to the hospital we went.

By 5am, I was sporting a hospital gown, hooked up to monitors and everything else. Contractions were still coming. And well, we were just waiting. At this point, neither of us had slept and well, it still felt like Thursday even though it was Friday. Gotta love that! After fluids, a cervix check and terb shot they figured I was okay to go home that evening as long as I stayed in bed and got back on my medication. And well, here I sit. Thankfully they stopped my labor and baby was good the entire time from the fall however, pre-term labor wasn’t the only thing I had to deal with. I had a pretty bad concussion to top it off.

And, that’s about the most exciting thing that has happened this weekend because now, I am back on lots of meds and bed rest until Tuesday. How is your weekend? 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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