33 Week Ramblings From My Hospital Bed

Reminder to my unborn: Your due date isn’t until October 29th. And we’ve had to already stop active labor twice this week. I love you but, this is not your time to pop out yet. While I never expected you to make this date, the first week in October is the earliest I am willing to accept your debut so please, stay inside!

This week has been a whirlwind. I told you about it here and the many issues followed here and well now, you won’t believe it – I’m in a hospital bed. Yes, this is my 4th hospital stay during this high-risk pregnancy.

It happened. I started to crumble yesterday. As I sat waiting for the hematologist/oncologist to listen my heart. It was a moment where I wanted to scream as I would do anything to have perfect health at this very moment.  My heart rate, a high 110 said it all. Why the all of a sudden emotional breakdown? While I realize so many people have it worst than me, the end of this pregnancy is my rock bottom. My health has never been like this. Ever. It has never suffered so much and again, I felt like my body is just shutting down on me.

After what felt like a mini-stroke, due to low blood sugar, leaking fluid, finding out my one IV iron transfusion will now be 3 weekly 4 hour IV iron transfusions, and not to mention the whole stopping active labor thing well, it all can be emotionally and physically exhausting as my body has decided it doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore. Twice this week. 

I was doing so well. After a very long few weeks on bed rest, tons of medication, and many high-risk doctor visits I was able to keep things table. Just when I thought it was smooth sailing, I feel like I hit an iceberg and everything has come crashing down.

Remaining positive, I will now return home on complete bed rest until I hit 35 weeks. Complete bedrest. Add heavily medicated to my discharge notes {Procardia + Terbutaline will be my cocktail} as I am just praying to not dilate anymore. I am currently almost 2 centimeters. Not good. In the past I have a history of going very quickly once I start to dilate.

The good news? NO MORE BREECH BABY! Yes. Today we found out that our little man turned and is now head down and has dropped into position. He is just to ready too enter the world!

Mission keep baby inside; accomplished. For now. Thanks for all your prayers and support. He definitely can’t wait to meet you all! Hopefully, I make 34 weeks which will be next Tuesday. 34 weeks was when my youngest was born and I am trying to break the preemie trend. It will be a blessing for me to make anything past that milestone. Prayers we can do it! And good thoughts for a better update next week……

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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