36 Weeks Pregnant, A Final Update

36weeksIt’s been a long time since I’ve updated what’s been going on in my pregnancy. I’ve had to take a lot of time to slow life down thanks to complications with my own kidneys that have left me in a spot where my doctors have given the order to slow down. If you’ve gotten to know me over the past 2+ years writing about pregnancy on Babble, you may have noticed that it’s hard for me to slow down, so these past 2 weeks have been a challenge to listen to my doctors, my body, and to put resting on my schedule instead of writing.

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy went by! With all the challenging symptoms from hyperemesis gravidarum (which I am still dealing with), heartburn, kidney issues for myself, and scares with how baby is growing — it’s strange to say it will all be in the past soon.

In just 2 weeks!

I have people ask me if I am aching to get this baby out of me now — at a time where the symptoms and uncomfort of pregnancy get real — but I’m not. It’s going to be my last pregnancy and I love being pregnant. Symptoms and aches and pains and fears and anxiety and all. I am looking forward to meeting and parenting our new baby and seeing him interact with my older children. I have been dreaming of him for quite some time after battling infertility for a year and a half and the fears that come with multiple loss.

Right now, in the final few weeks of my pregnancy I am seeing my OB a lot more frequently as well as getting frequent biophysical ultrasounds done to make sure baby is growing well. I am still waiting for final confirmation on where we will have our baby since we’re moving hospitals to one with a larger NICU in case it’s needed, but all other things are waiting and ready!

Here are some fast facts to give you a rundown of what 36 weeks pregnant is like:

Week of pregnancy: 36 weeks

Weight gain: No weight gain this week and in total I am down 18lbs from when I first got pregnant. It’s all “thanks” to hyperemesis gravidarum which has me on 10 medications daily as well as being very strict with what I eat. It’s been by far one of the more challenging things to deal with this pregnancy so I am looking forward to holding baby in my arms and eating a full meal!

Symptoms: Heartburn and nausea and vomiting still. Kidney issues have caused some swelling in my ankles and feet which makes them ache. I am having the typical “can’t sleep” third trimester issues and oh, restless legs can die!

Baby stats: According to our biophysicals and prenatal checks, my fundal height is right on track for 36 weeks. Baby is estimated to be about 6 pounds already and his length is a week ahead. He gets the hiccups all the time and his baby kick checks have all been perfect.

The best thing: Feeling wonderfully round. I really do feel the most feminine when I am 9 months pregnant.

The most difficult thing: Dealing with my anxiety which always seems to creep in during the final weeks.

Food cravings or aversions: I want orange juice all the time (fortified with calcuim and vitamin D) and the colder the better. I am still not eating much or any meat and will likely continue this diet when the baby is born (gluten-free vegan diet) since I will have to go back on the dairy-free diet then.

Feeling baby move?: Oh, he’s at that stage where he’s too big to really move, yet keeps trying. I see elbow and a butt popping out and can really see his sleep-awake patterns.

Maternity clothes?: My maternity shirts are starting to show some underbelly which always seems to happen at this stage. Thankfully I have that belly garment that covers when the shirts are a little small. I am still wearing regular pants (non-maternity) and had to go down a size recently due to the weight loss.

Appointments coming up: Another biophysical ultrasound this week and a prenatal checkup.

Looking forward to: Having the few things that are up in the air settled and can’t wait for new baby smell.

Purchases?:  I got all our holiday shopping done (all done online since I am on rest orders) for the kids’ birthdays and Christmas time. They’re all wrapped and ready which is a HUGE thing off my shoulders since baby will be here just a short time before (and a few days before my older son Speed’s 8th birthday!)

I am going to miss writing on the Pregnancy channel here for Babble, but taking 2 weeks off before I meet my baby boy is going to allow me the time for final nesting projects. I will be back though in January sharing the fun new adventures as I love and parent our newborn over on the Baby channel and I can’t wait to introduce “Silver” (which he will be known online as) to all of you! Until then, keep updated with the last few weeks of my pregnancy on Instagram and Facebook!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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