36 Weeks Pregnant in Pictures

One of my very last weeks doing this – perhaps even my last at 36 weeks pregnant. I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow. Full term.

That’s as long as I made it with my daughter, and 17 weeks past how long I had my twins. I’m pretty amazed that I got this far.

Monday I’ll go in for my cerclage removal. I’m hoping it’s a heck of a lot easier on me than putting it in was, because that was fairly awful. I don’t do pain medication well, or pain. So mixing the two usually ends up a big mess.

We’re on standby after that. It’s going to be a week of being a bit on edge waiting for either labor to start or to be induced that following Sunday. (You can read the linked post above for more info.)

Here’s a look back at a couple of the past, last few weeks of my third pregnancy.


  • 36 Weeks Pregnant in Pictures 1 of 22
    36 Weeks Pregnant in Pictures

    Click through to see my past few weeks in pictures and updates of what's going on.

  • Cute 2 of 22

    Waiting to see the Dr for my 35 week appt. It's a good thing my husband is hot because he's kind of cranky this morning.

  • Mess Anxiety 3 of 22

    I can't. I can't even. I'm so incredibly twitchy over my living room looking like this, and there's really nothing I can do while Sam is home and Bella is up. It's not the end of the world. It could be worse. It's only temporary. They'll help me clean it. #thingsItellmyself

  • The Unchosen 4 of 22

    A second hospital tour I took with my doula Emily. We both agreed for various reasons that it wasn't a good fit. Mostly because I wouldn't be "allowed" to get off the bed in labor. O_o

  • Smartie Pants 5 of 22

    So Bella's like, "Watch me write my letters!" And I think, "Sure, ok small one. Since we haven't really gotten to writing them yet." THEN SHE DOES.

  • Quiet Time 6 of 22

    Letting Mama "sleep in" aka take pics of her on my phone.

  • I Hate You 7 of 22

    These two. They hate each other so much and yet have to be near me. I was just waiting for the explosion.

  • Scissor Queen 8 of 22
    Work buddy. Her scissor skills blow me away. ✂
  • Getting Ready 9 of 22

    It's getting real.

  • Bed Rest 10 of 22
    Bed/couch rest (even moderate) is mentally challenging for me. I keep thinking I need to get up and "do" so I don't feel so lazy. And the less I'm up the better. 
  • Cravings 11 of 22
    Toasted Marshmallows. On a knife. From the stove. Keeping it classy y'all. 
    Also I hate marshmallows when I'm not pregnant.
  • Built in Shelf 12 of 22
    #34weeks #giantbabies #husbandsicecream
  • Working 13 of 22
    (Dr approved) Working and an early lunch. In near silence. 
  • Nesting 14 of 22

    This morning's nesting was brought to you by my new birthing ball (MY HIPS DON'T HURT ON IT), Aden + Anais, a Carter's explosion, and Target. I can't wait till we move and this boy gets a nursery! But this works for now.

  • Practice 15 of 22
    Practicing with Mama's Ergo Baby. I actually bought their tiny doll one that matches mine. We're going to wrap it up with a couple other things and give them to her from us and the baby once he's born.
  • Lava inside Me 16 of 22
    This really and truly works! Thank goodness because it's like the most painful heartburn. 3rd tri is deadly. 
  • Little Boys 17 of 22
    Washed and now just being sighed over. I can't get past how darling little boy clothes are. I want them ALL. Especially anything with tiny elephants.
  • My View 18 of 22
    Just waiting on coffee. Can I explain how incredibly thankful I am to have made it 34 weeks before bedrest? And that Sam's work is so amazing about him taking time off? 
    Now if I can get this baby blanket knitted up...
  • Tiny Bottom 19 of 22

    These little cloth diapers had both Sam and I saying, "Look how small!" It's easy to forget how big your 3 1/2 year old really is until you start getting newborn stuff 1/3 her size.

  • 36 weeks! 20 of 22

    Tired, huge, and beyond thankful.

  • Bellah. 21 of 22

    I took this pic because it feels like he's both up as high as he can go and as low as it gets all the time. Crazy.

  • NST 22 of 22

    On my birthday I had an NST done at my OB, and we had a 3D ultrasound where we finally, FINALLY got a clear shot of his face. Just for one second before those hands went back up, but the tech managed to pause it.


Diana blogs on raising a toddler daughter, the loss of her twin boys, and a baby boy on the way on the aptly named Hormonal ImbalancesSmaller glimpses into her day are on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.


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