4 Baby Wearing Options

I love baby wearing. Although I did get a late start with it with my own children. My oldest didn’t end up in a carrier until he was a couple months old when I was really introduced to the different options for baby wearing.

I thought the only thing on the market was those horrid baby bjorn type carriers that hang your baby from their crotch and have been linked with hip dysplasia problems. Heck, I never even knew that was an issue until I started learning more about these carriers, and why babies shouldn’t hang from their crotch… I mean, would you want to ride around like that?   I wouldn’t!

So when Camden was about 4 months old my friend introduced me to my first Mei Tai baby carrier, which immediately became my favorite carrier.  I am still partial to it today, especially for smaller newborns, but there are just so many options out there that moms really must explore and find what works for them.

1. Mei Tai – There are so many people who make these, but my personal favorite is the BabyHawk. The best part is you can actually customize your own carrier. Pick your colors, etc.   They are easy to get on by yourself, and adjust without help from another person, which was one of the biggest selling points to me.



2. ERGO Baby Carrier – Probably my personal favorite now that my children are a little bit older, but they do have a newborn insert option for their carriers. My personal favorite carry is throwing the little guys on my back. Although it is something that takes time to learn, especially if you want to get them on your back alone without any help. Worth every penny!



3. Moby Wrap – I tried one of these with my oldest son, and it didn’t work out the way I would have liked it to, but in the past three years I have heard so many moms rave about these I am more than up for trying again this pregnancy. I am planning on getting one within the next couple weeks before the baby comes.  Something about the way it carries the baby, and the nature of the hold really interests me.  What do you think about the Moby?



4. Hot Slings – Or slings in general. I am anxious to try this time around because neither of my boys really cared for them when I tried them on in the past. Maybe my daughter will like them a little bit more?   But this is probably my favorite to add to this post because I found this adorable baby wearing video on youtube to go along with the post.

What are some of your favorite baby wearing options?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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