4 Ways My Belly is Getting in the Way

At 23 weeks, my stomach has now gone from cute and finally showing, to feeling large and suddenly bumping into things!  More and more I am realizing that as I continue to get bigger and bigger, there are certain pregnancy limitations that I need to start recognizing.

I have always been more of a do-er than someone who likes to ask for a lot of help or assistance.  But if there is ever a time to put pride aside and put my feet up a little more often, I think it’s probably now.  Here are a few of the things I am realizing I can no longer do now that my belly is in charge…

1.  Lay on my stomach.  This is probably pretty obvious, but you don’t realize how often you do this until it’s no longer an option.  Back is aching and you want a massage?  Sitting up just isn’t quite the same.  Going on a babymoon and you want to stretch out on a beach towel?  Face up into the sun is the only option, so floating in the water might be more comfortable.

2.  Bend over to the ground. Bending at the waist and reaching the ground is no longer doable anymore, so now I have to do the squat and crouch move that usually involves a lot of groaning and other scary pregnant noises.  My next trick will be to leave things on the ground and see if others will pick them up for me!

3.  Eat without reclining. I am having enough trouble as it is finding room for food in my stomach along with a 23 week sized baby (a large papaya!).  If I am leaning forward in any way, my stomach and lungs feel so constrained that there is literally no way for me to eat.  So now I find myself leaning back, usually with my plate propped up on a pillow on my lap.  Not the most civilized solution, but it will have to do until October!

4.  Carry things in front of me. This one has been building for the past few weeks, but now it is officially no longer an option.  Having things pressed against the front of me is uncomfortable, so now all large carried items like boxes and laundry baskets are slung on my hip.  Probably good practice for when I’m carting a baby around!

Despite these limitations, I still find pregnancy to be totally amazing and fascinating, and I welcome each new change from week to week.  And once my bump is gone and my baby is in my arms, you can be sure that I plan to spend my first night of sleep face down in the pillow, happily sleeping on my stomach.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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