40 Weeks And Waiting

Today, I am exactly 40 weeks pregnant.

I had nothing planned to write about this week. I assumed I would either be in the hospital or announcing my daughter’s birth by now, so I find myself in some sort of weird mommy blogging purgatory.

Why did I assume I would never go full term? Because that’s what happened the first time around.

My first daughter was two weeks early. It was my first day of official maternity leave and I was looking forward to a few weeks of pre-baby relaxation. I was not feeling “about to pop” in the slightest. In fact, that morning, I ran four miles at the gym, went to lunch with a friend and then went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. Contractions started unexpectantly on my walk back home (four blocks, two avenues), while I was carrying five overflowing bags of groceries.

(You can read Mazzy’s full birth story here.)

I never had the feeling I could blow any day now. I never had the crazy weight gain at the end when your baby gains three more pounds in less than two weeks. I never felt the lovely sensation of “baby dropping”. And I never went through the mind-numbing, time-dragging, skin-stretching period of WAITING that I am currently going through today.

Turns out the last two weeks make for quite a different pregnancy experience.

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