Roommates in the Hospital

I delivered both of my children in a beautiful little community hospital in the same town in which my husband and I were raised in the suburbs of the Bay Area. I walked off my contractions in a garden that was accessible via sliding door from my private room (standard at this hospital, we didn’t pay extra).  There was only one or two other woman laboring at the same time I was, and the postpartum wing was only feet from labor and delivery.  My husband slept on a roll away next to me for all three nights after both deliveries.  It was perfect and lovely, quiet and totally peaceful.

This time around will be incredibly, vastly different. We don’t have a car here in Manhattan, so most likely I’ll be taking a taxi to the hospital when I go into labor-or better yet, walking to the hospital which is only about 10 blocks away from our apartment.  Not only will I be sharing a room with a stranger, but my husband won’t be able to stay with me because there simply won’t be any room.Not to mention the grimy germ curtains that will be separating my room mate and I. We could spend the extra $1,000 to have a private room, but this is my third child and I’ll be ready to get out of there as soon as possible anyway.

I’m certainly over thinking all of this, but it’s definitely weighing on my mind and anxieties.  Did you share a room after you delivered? What was your experience like?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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