5 Amazing Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

5 Amazing Baby Shower Diaper CakesI’ve been to my fair share of baby showers and years (and years) ago, had one myself when I was expecting my first baby.

I don’t care too much for the games part of the shower, but do love looking at the creative gifts that guests bring to celebrate the upcoming birth. One staple that seems to not be going anywhere when it comes to baby shower gifts is the diaper cakes.

They’re cake-shaped gifts, often decorated to look just like a cake but instead of the crumby vanilla goodness inside, it’s made of diapers and other related baby items (like onesies and bath towels). The creativity out of some of the people who create these, just completely blow my mind. They’re getting more and more realistic and some even have some interesting themes going.

Check out 5 amazing baby shower diaper cakes that you can purchase & check out even more on LilSugar:

  • Baby Bottle Diaper Cake 1 of 5
    Baby Bottle Diaper Cake
    These are cute and I've not seen diaper cakes quite like these. Shaped to look like bottles, but stacked full of needed items for baby.
    Buy one for yourself from Crib Creations / Etsy, $22
  • Fairy Tale Castle 2 of 5
    Fairy Tale Castle
    You can get this diaper cake with blue or pink castle cones and would make a great and practical center piece.
    Buy one for yourself from D'Enfant Creations / Etsy, $93
  • Sushi Diaper Cake 3 of 5
    Sushi Diaper Cake
    How cute is this diaper cake? If you're baby-mama-to-be is missing her sushi fix during her pregnancy, this cake is sure to make her smile.
    Buy one for yourself from Miso Sweet Boutique! / Etsy, $18
  • Motorcycle Cake 4 of 5
    Motorcycle Cake
    If the mama is expecting a boy, this cute diaper cake with made to look like a motorcycle is just too cute to pass up.
    Buy one for yourself from Ooh la la... Diaper Cakes N' More!/ Etsy, $89
  • Diaper Basket 5 of 5
    Diaper Basket
    If you don't care for the diaper cakes, but want to give the mama-to-be all she needs, this basket has it all.
    Buy one for yourself from teresaphillips / Etsy, $45

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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