5 Baby Products I’m Glad We Spent Money On

A few days ago I shared a post on the 8 “essential” baby products that I was sure we would need (why else would they be on every ‘essential’ list) that turned out to be a big waste of money for us. I know that not everyone will agree, but I stand by each product on there as being a waste of money for us and going into trying for our 4th child, we will not be getting any of those products again.

I realize not everyone co-sleeps and room-shares, but Babble is about sharing different lifestyles, and our life includes bed and room sharing with our children — making most of the “essentials” that are drilled into us when expecting a big waste of money for us.

There were a few of you who asked what would be on our ‘essential’ list for new parents or parents going to have more than one child since many of them were on our waste of money list, so I have compiled a list of our 5 essential products that I am glad we spent money on.  Click through to see what made our list:

  • Soft Baby Carrier 1 of 5
    Soft Baby Carrier
    I don't think I would have survived more than one child if I didn't have a baby carrier that was comfortable for me & baby. I still use the same wrap today for Bean (pictured here at 7wks) and she is just over 3 years old now.
    Photo credit: Devan McGuinness
  • Double Stroller 2 of 5
    Double Stroller
    I don't think a stroller is necessarily an 'essential' for one child, but for me, we had our kids close in age and when it came to babe #3, I had a 3 year old and 2 year old. Going places was much easier with a good double stroller and a carrier. I still use the same stroller now -- 5 years later.
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  • High-Weight Infant Bucket Seat 3 of 5
    High-Weight Infant Bucket Seat
    With my first child we got one of those expensive travel systems. The stroller, infant seat and car base. I loved it and love the convenience, but my kids grew out the weight limit by 5 months on the carrier. For our third baby, we bought a bucket seat with a 40lb weight limit and she was in it well past her 2nd birthday.
    Photo credit: chedderfish on Flickr
  • Good Support Nursing Bras 4 of 5
    Good Support Nursing Bras
    I know that not everyone will be breastfeeding, but if you do -- an absolute essential is a good nursing bra. I loved the ones that I used and they were the most comfortable bras ever. You need to have support for the ladies, when they are empty, full and engorged, it's bound to happen.
    Photo credit: Photostock
  • Vibrating/Bouncy Chair 5 of 5
    Vibrating/Bouncy Chair
    I know people are going to go all weird on me. Really, a bouncy chair is essential and a crib isn't? For us, yeah. Our vibrating chair was the only place our babes would sit when not strapped to me -- likely because of the movement it gave. I would not dare have another child without some form of this chair (toys not necessary).
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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