Jump in the Pool! 5 Benefits to Swimming While Pregnant

5 Benefits to Swimming While Pregnant

With the Summer’s heat in full force – it’s down right hot outside! And if you are pregnant, you know that heat and pregnancy DO NOT mix.

One of the Summer’s most popular activities is swimming.  In addition to fun, swimming can provide a plethora of benefits to us preggos.

Here are 5 Benefits to Swimming While Pregnant

  • Beat the Heat – Jump in the Pool! 1 of 5
    With high temperatures, what better way to enjoy the outdoors while pregnant than a jump in a cool pool.
  • Swimming Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure 2 of 5
    If you have blood pressure issues, being in shoulder-deep water can help decrease your overall blood pressure. This is due to increased circulation and relief from swelling.
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation 3 of 5
    Jump in and swim away from your worries. Swimming is an awesome stress reliever.
  • Feel Weightless, Your Pregnant Body Will Love It! 4 of 5
    When dipped in the pool, the water creates a weightless feeling that moms, especially late in pregnancy can appreciate. Let your body relax, spend sometime floating and enjoying the relief.
  • Exercise 5 of 5
    Exercising while pregnant is important. Swimming is a great way to keep fit while growing a baby. Swimming while pregnant can help the shoulder and abdominal muscles, which can be strained when carrying a baby.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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