5 Creative Ways for a SAHM to Earn Money From Home

5 Creative Ways for a SAHM to Earn Money From Home via Babble.comThere comes a time in some stay at home moms lives where they start to think about earning a little (or a lot) of extra money. Maybe it’s just for the joy of being paid to do what you love. It could be that your family needs the extra income, or that you’re saving for something special. Perhaps you’re on bedrest and slowly losing your mind.

Also – ((hugs)) for that last one. No fun there.

I realizes about 2 months after my daughter was born that I wanted to use my time creatively while she slept. I started a blog for fun, and now work from home.  Nearly 3 years laster, she doesn’t sleep much anymore, but we work around that. I love what I do and I find great satisfaction in being able to use my creativity outside of motherhood – as wonderful as being a mom is.

So what’s your passion? What do you long to do – and could you do it from home?

Whatever it is, here are some ideas to help get you started, or at least spur on the thought process towards something you could use your talent and skills at.

  1. Get crafty. While it seems like everyone and their mom are on Pinterest crafting up a storm these days, one of the biggest draws for many of us is purchasing things from someone we know does a quality job. If it takes off, set up an Etsy or Big Cartel shop and go from there.
  2. Blog. I know, I know. Another “but everyone is doing it” type thing. But if you really love to write, you can find yourself expanding into freelance work or even making money from ads on your site. This one takes time – very few people I know have a successful blog in a few months.
  3. Open a daycare. Set up your home for a few more kids, and then have a contract that each family signs along with you about hours, days, holidays, pay, lateness, etc. If you have the patience for it, you’ll end up with some extra money and your kid (s) end up with playmates.
  4. Become a tutor. If you love helping students learn, and have a college degree, look into tutoring online. After a probationary period, most make $10-$14 an hour.
  5. Website coding. Quite frankly, when my blog goes down or has a glitch, I’d pay just about anything for someone to fix it quickly. There is a huge need for people who are willing to do this for those of us who aren’t really savvy at the behind the scenes of our blogs. Think about starting small with bloggers you know and building a reputation for quick service.

Tell me some of your ideas and/or what worked for you? 

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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