5 First Trimester Symptoms That Go Away By 2nd Trimester & What To Do If They Don’t

Symptoms of early pregnancy and the first trimester are no joke.

If you think about it, your body is going through a lot of changes. There’s a huge increase in the work it has to do and you have a whole new set of hormones to contend with. The hormones that are introduced can bring with them interesting, painful, and annoying symptoms, which many women experience during the early pregnancy and first trimester.

The good thing is that your body is also quite resilient and quick. Often the biggest troubling symptoms that you feel during the first trimester go away by the time you enter into the second trimester. For most women, these 5 symptoms will go away or drastically lessen once you are in the second trimester, but of course there are some (like me) who may have some linger for longer.

Click through to read 5 pregnancy symptoms that you should expect to go away by the second trimester and what to do if they stick around:

  • Nausea/Vomiting 1 of 5
    One of the most known symptoms of pregnancy is the fun "morning sickness." I had it all day though, so I never found this name really fitting. It generally goes away by 12-20 weeks, but if you're unlucky like me you may have it the entire pregnancy. Be sure to chat with your care provider to see if there are medications you can take to ease the nausea/vomiting or any home remedies that may work.
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  • Sore Breasts 2 of 5
    This was one of the first symptoms for me and it hurts! Think PMS pain, but worse! It's triggered by the fun hormones of pregnancy and it's signalling those milk ducts to form. If the pain doesn't go away by the second trimester, get yourself fitted for a new bra! Chances are you're not wearing the right size any more.
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  • Fatigue 3 of 5
    Your body is working extra hard to grow a whole new human. It's normal and expected to be tired during the first trimester, but it usually goes away during the second trimester. If you're still finding yourself way tired, chat with your doctor about your iron levels, they may be low.
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  • Dizziness 4 of 5
    No one likes to be dizzy and it can be quite scary. This symptom can be common in early pregnancy as your body expands it's workload and works to increase your blood volume. Be sure to keep yourself safe and if you do pass out, call your doctor right away. This symptom typically goes away after a few weeks so if it persists, this warrants a call to your doctor.
    Source: What to Expect
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  • Cramps 5 of 5
    Cramps during early pregnancy is not usually a cause for concern and is quite normal. It's the process of the egg finding a comfy spot in your uterus and the early changes that happen. If they don't go away or they increase, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor -- it could be doing things that are not ideal (like cervical changes). The cramps should be mild and not too sharp. Be sure to chat with your doctor if you're concerned!
    Source: Web MD
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