5 Flavors I Can't Stomach at Week 9

5 Flavor Aversions from Pregnancy

OK, so I’m technically 8 weeks, 6 days today but that’s close enough to nine weeks, right? I feel pretty darn good so far, and I certainly don’t take this for granted. I was mildly nauseated from week 5 to week 7, but even that has seemed to subside, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t return. I’m drinking a lot of water every day, but I still get a dull headache by mid-afternoon; I blame my day job, but it’s more likely the pregnancy. I also feel pretty exhausted by 3 p.m., so I enjoy resting when I get home from work.

Other than that, the only other pregnancy symptom I’m suffering from is an aversion to certain flavors and they’re not all foods.

After the jump, check out the 5 Flavors I Can’t Stomach at Week 9, and tell me what turned your stomach during your pregnancy!

  • Chicken 1 of 5
    Chicken is my main source of meat protein, and I've long enjoyed cooking and eating chicken all sorts of ways until recently, that is. I sunk my teeth into what should have been a delicious hummus, veggie, and grilled chicken sandwich the other day, and I wasn't even able to swallow it. I don't know what it is about chicken that is totally grossing me out right now, but I hope this aversion doesn't last.
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  • Toothpaste 2 of 5
    I'm having no issue with the actual motion of brushing my teeth, so it's not as if that's what's making me gag. It comes after I'm done brushing my teeth. The aftertaste that toothpaste leaves in my mouth turns my stomach. Since toothpaste is one of the last non-green personal hygiene products I use (along with my shampoo), I thought to switch to a natural toothpaste to see what happens. Not too surprisingly, the chemical-free toothpaste doesn't bother me one bit now.
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  • Pumpernickel Bread 3 of 5
    Pumpernickel Bread
    I enjoy a slice of pumpernickel toast in the morning, and for the two weeks that I was experiencing mild nausea, I was relying on this to quiet my stomach in the mornings. But the other day, I took a bite and immediately thought, "OMG, this is disgusting! Who eats this?" I haven't touched it since.
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  • Cranberry Juice 4 of 5
    Cranberry Juice
    I drink the real stuff, too not that cranberry cocktail garbage. But it doesn't seem to make a difference! Cranberry juice is off the table for me now.
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  • Cauliflower 5 of 5
    I eat cauliflower a lot. We roast it, saute it, and we even mash it and use it as a rice substitute. But there's something about it lately that my belly does not like, so it looks like I'll have to avoid it for some time.
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