5 Foods I Want… But Can't Have!

I must admit to being a self proclaimed foodie. I am not the best cook out there, but I truly enjoy great food, and drinks. Pregnancy kicks me into over drive for some of these things too. Only to have my hopes and dreams of some of my favorites or even cravings crushed because they could be dangerous for the small fetus I am harboring.

I found it even harder to resist some of my favorites over the holidays. I watched friends and family enjoy favorites, and all I could think of in the back of my head was: stab stab stab!

Bad I know, but you should know how cravings go… once you get them into your head, it is damn near impossible to get them out until that food touches your lips!

So what would I kill for these days?

1.) Fresh, delicious, imported, and unpasteurized Mozzarella. Despite the lack of Italian heritage in our family, at our Christmas dinner we had fresh imported mozzarella that everyone was raving about. Downside?  The entire package was in Italian, which clearly no one spoke. God only knows what could have been in that cheese, but no one cared because of how delicious it was. And that is all I heard all day! No stamp of pasteurization… no ingestion by this momma.

2. A glass of wine.   One of my favorites, even after a long day. I try to keep a bottle in my house at all times for company or the nights where I would like one, but through the holidays I found myself going crazy while buying wine for others and not being able to have it myself. I know there are all these conflicting studies, and yada yada yada, but I cannot bring myself with a good conscious to have even a glass. But what I did do was buy myself a bottle of The Wine Sisterhood Middle sister sweet and sassy Moscato for when this baby comes!

3. Lunch meat… All I want is a simple, cold cut sandwich. I want to go into a Subway and get a sandwich without having it toasted. I hate hot sandwiches!  But with the risk of listeria in lunch meats and after an episode of A Baby Story I watched about a second trimester miscarriage caused by listeria exposure… I won’t be signing up for that, even just to cheat!

4. Shell Fish… mmmm clam strips!  Although I have some serious ass seafood allergies, which boggle mine, and my families minds because I was raised on an oyster boat from birth… I can have clams. And the simple label that shell fish should be avoided makes me do exactly that. Once I get something in my mind that I cannot have something, I have no choice mentally but to stick with it.

5. Bananas!  I know it sounds silly, but with the amount of potassium and sugar bananas have, trying to prevent gestational diabetes with this baby has turned into a banana boycott. Per my awesome midwife, who also is a natropath, nutritionist and plethora of other certifications, I can have one piece of fruit a day, just not a banana. What do I want?  A damn banana… because it is all my toddler wants to eat before noon any day of the week. Although the one thing I do not miss is the banana binding me up if you know what I mean!

What are some things you wish you could have enjoyed while pregnant?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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