5 Gifts NOT to Get a Pregnant Woman

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Lets face it… Sometimes Christmas time comes and there are some seriously difficult people to shop for. I know I go through this every year with my own husband. If he doesn’t want some kind of high tech flat screen television that he can only dream about, it is a mystery what to get him.

While I think I have it down this year, there are a lot of shoppers out there who have a pregnant woman to shop for. Unfortunately for the pregnant woman on your list this year, you will probably come up with a gift that reminds her that she has swollen feet, a bladder control problem, or can’t fit into the clothes she really wants to be wearing.

Which is where I come in today. I have been thinking about the gifts I would never want to get for Christmas, and I put a couple of them together in a list as… advice for those of you shopping for that pregnant woman in your life.

1. Never get a pregnant woman maternity clothes for Christmas. Whether she is three months along or ready to pop, she is not going to want something she just may never use again. On top of that, it is a reminder that of all her clothes she knows and loves do not fit right now. Save yourself the trouble and skip the Motherhood Maternity wear!

2. Pickles – Really?  I know some people are tempted to make a funny joke come Christmas time, but buying a giant jar of pickles may seriously put her over the edge.  Let’s remember, she isn’t Snooki!  (Just a side note, I know someone this happened to!  Talk about ruining the holiday!)

3. A gift for the baby. If you want to buy a gift for the baby, that is one thing, but do not disguise it as a gift for Mom. They are two different people! She doesn’t need anymore reminders that she is being lumped together with the baby constantly.

4. Cleaning materials for when nesting sets in. There is nothing worse than friends and family members encouraging a half crazed preggo to partake in cleaning her house from head to toe like a lunatic when nesting sets in. I am sure she will get that all accomplished on her own!

5. Novelty baby items. She doesn’t need a candle that says “its a boy” or a picture frame for her sonogram pictures. Most pregnant women already have these things, or will get them at their baby shower, which these kinds of gifts are clearly more appropriate for.

Overall, just shop for her like you would if she wasn’t pregnant!  Maybe skip the alcohol, or bungie jumping lessons, but just use common sense!  We don’t need anymore hormonal meltdowns than she is going to have this holiday season already!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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