5 Healthy Low-Sugar Treats

Tonight I'll have a nice bowl of this...homemade, of course!

Okay, I like treats.  Who doesn’t?  But since pregnant women — including  me — can be sensitive to sugar, choosing some low-sugar treats is a good idea (rather than foregoing entirely!).

I will say this: I do not recommend using sugar substitutes at all.  There is too much that is not known about their effects and studies suggesting that they can be harmful.  I’m talking about sucralose (Splenda), aspartame, and saccharin.  Skip them: they’re not worth it.

Instead, indulge in these naturally healthy, low-sugar treats!

1. Fresh fruit with whipped cream — What’s a better summer dessert?  Choose whatever’s seasonal — right now, strawberries — and eat it by dipping in a bowl of lightly sweetened whipped cream.

2. Ice cream — The homemade kind.  I can’t guarantee anything you buy at the store is in any way healthy!  We use real, grade-B maple syrup in ours for a rich, not-too-sweet taste.

3. Chocolate almond coconut candy — This homemade candy doesn’t have much sugar at all, but it’s deliciously sweet and reminiscent of Almond Joy bars.  It’s easy, too!

4. Fruity Yogurt Popsicles — Make homemade popsicles out of yogurt or milk kefir with fruit for a sweet-and-sour probiotic boost!  These are very kid-friendly, too.  Not to mention a great way to beat coming summer heat!

5. Orange sherbet — Another great cold summer treat.  This tastes very much like an Orange Julius to me, but without all the “mystery” ingredients.  It could be a popsicle if you don’t have an ice cream maker.  This orange creamsicles!

There you have it!  Five easy ways to enjoy a sweet treat without all the sugar!

What’s your favorite healthy treat?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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