5 Home Remedies for Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms

If your pregnancy is anything like mine, it comes with its share of irritations. Little physical discomforts that aren’t debilitating or even worthy of raising with the doctor but are annoying. Swollen sinus passages that make getting oxygen at night an adventure in mouth breathing. Constant rumblings of intestinal gas. Heartburn. The kind of things that you wish would go away or at the very least, subside enough that they’re not quite SO obvious to your partner. I mean, let’s face it, pregnancy gas is probably the leading destroyer of mystery in a marriage.

I’m now two-thirds of the way into my second pregnancy and through some trial and error, I’ve come up with a few good home remedies for the little nuisances that plague me. Not for gas, unfortunately but for some of the other things.

You might not find any of these ideas in any pregnancy book or literature that your doctor hands out, but they all work for me and none of them can harm you or the baby!

  • Butterscotch Hard Candies 1 of 5
    Butterscotch Hard Candies
    For much of my first trimester I had a charming combination of post-nasal drip and an over-active gag reflex. To stop me from dry-heaving every time I took too deep a breath, I sucked on butterscotch hard candies. While my OB approved this, I'm pretty sure my dentist never needs to know about it. And there's nothing magic about butterscotch - it's just my favorite. Any flavor would work!
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  • Exfoliating 2 of 5
    I developed a theory that exfoliating would increase circulation to my skin and minimize my risk of stretch marks so a couple of times a week I scrub down with exfoliating mitts. There's no science to back my theory but I haven't gotten marks on my belly so far - just my hips and boobs. So, I'm probably not doing anything but keeping my skin nice and soft but that's not bad!
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  • Apple Juice 3 of 5
    Apple Juice
    There are some days that gas is the ONLY thing moving through my intestines, if you know what I mean. I've found that apple juice is a great lubricant to keep me from getting IRREGULAR, as they say on tv. I drink a few ounces per day. Mix it with a little club soda and it's a nice treat!
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  • Oatmeal 4 of 5
    I was diagnosed with mild anemia around week 24 of this pregnancy. I started on iron supplements but iron in food is more easily absorbed than supplements. Oatmeal actually has 10% of your daily iron needs and it's a hearty breakfast. Bonus: It helps with milk production so keep eating it after delivery!
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  • Pedicures 5 of 5
    When I found out we were having a summer baby, I told my husband I'd be needing regular pedicures once the weather got warm. Never mind that I can't get close enough to my feet to make them pretty myself, what I'm really after is the warm foot-bath and massage to help keep the ankle bloat under control!
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