5 Honest Questions People Ask About My Wife Getting Pregnant


After nearly three years of one heck of a fertility journey, my wife’s up to bat. It’s her turn to try. Ever since we shared the news a few weeks ago, the supportive messages and comments have been flooding in — and so have the questions. I appreciate that readers are so engaged with our story that they care enough to ask. I figured I’d answer them all here. From the funny to the absurd to the very real, these are the answers to the questions people ask about my wife getting pregnant.

1. Will you get jealous?

Girlfriend, I’ve been actively trying to have a baby for nearly three years now. My wife and I have been through a whole heck of a lot during that time. I want a family with my wife. I want to grow our home of love. I want dirty diapers and sleepless nights and pitter-patter footsteps throughout the house. Will I be jealous if my wife is able to provide that for us? No. Not at all. If she’s able to do what I cannot (and even that she’s willing to try) makes me feel blessed and overjoyed. So far from jealousy.

2. Are you going to try to breastfeed?

Absolutely. When I first started trying to get pregnant, my wife and I had a conversation — many, actually — about the idea of co-nursing. Now that I’m standing on the other side of that concept, I can easily say that I will try to breastfeed. There are ways to get non-pregnant breasts to produce milk, some natural and some that involve taking a hormone that induces milk production, and I’ll try for sure. The likelihood, as with most women who try this, is that I won’t produce enough to sustain our baby fully. But I can supplement what my wife produces and I’ll be able to have that special bonding time with our baby.

3. Do you get more naming power now?

I love this question. As most of you probably already know, I’m borderline obsessed with names. This question was sort of asked to me as a joke, but I’m running with it! You’re the one who gets to be pregnant (because to me, that’s like winning the lottery), so naturally I get to name the baby. Just kidding! Sort of …

4. Is she really ready for this?

Is anyone? I have to assume this question is meant to mean: Is she doing this because she wants to, or because you want her to? The answer to this question is easy. That’s not how we roll. If my wife didn’t really want to do this, she wouldn’t be doing this. SHE is the one who stepped up, the one who said, “What if I try?” My selfless wife saw how hard this has been on me — my self-esteem, my self worth (founded or not) and she, too, wants a family. So, yes. She is ready for this.

5. What will she wear?

My wife owns about five pieces of women’s clothing. She’s more comfortable in hip menswear — and she looks darn good in it. While she now perfectly fits into a men’s extra small or small, when her belly begins to grow, no one’s totally sure what she’ll wear. Including us. But that’s the least of our concerns. Pregnancy is beautiful, whether you’re wearing the latest maternity fashion, or nothing but sweats for 9+ months.

What other questions do you have for us? Please ask kindly in the comments!

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