5 Ice Cream Alternatives for Any Craving

Ice cream is one of the most common pregnancy cravings — with or without the pickles.

Maybe you need calcium, maybe your blood sugar is low, or maybe you just want some universally loved ice cream.

And now that the temperatures have spiked, ice cream might be more tempting than usual.

If you’re looking to cut down on your sugar and fat intake, here are 5 ice cream alternatives for any kind of cravings you may have:

If you’re craving an ice cream pie:

COOL WHIP Pie: A combination of COOL WHIP and Greek Yogurt simultaneously lightens up the calories and boosts the nutrients. (via Dig Into Books)

If you’re craving an ice cream cone:

COOL WHIP Cones: Rather than ice cream, these cones are filled with JELL-O vanilla pudding and COOL WHIP. (via Kraft)


If you’re craving an ice cream sandwich:

Low-Cal Ice Cream Sandwich: Except it’s not really ice cream. These frozen sandwiches (made with chocolate graham crackers and COOL WHIP) make for an ice-cream-like treat. (via This Heart Of Mine)

If you’re craving a milk shake:

COOL WHIP Milkshake: Subbing 1 scoop of ice cream for 1 scoop of COOL WHIP lightens up this calcium-packed treat. (via Family Kitchen)


If you’re craving an ice cream parfait:

Blueberry Cream Crunch: A nutrient-packed treat that’s even tastier than run-of-the-mill ice cream.


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