5 More Inappropriate Books for New Parents

After reading Babble’s 10 Most Inappropriate Books for New Parents last week, I was inspired to share some inappropriate books of my own.

It seems that there are endless lists of books that you “must read” if you’re going to be the “perfect parent”. ┬áBut, this list isn’t like that. ┬áThank goodness these authors had the forethought to write some books that can give parents a good laugh when they feel like they’re at the end of their parenting rope.

Because, while all parents love their children and really do want the best for them, sometimes you’ve just gotta take a little break and laugh for sanity’s sake.

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  • Monsters Eat Whiny Children 1 of 10
    Monsters Eat Whiny Children
    This is the cautionary tale of what happens to little children who whine. They get eaten by monsters as whiny child burgers or in salads with homemade cilantro dressing. A humorous way to teach that whiny child of yours a lesson.
  • Baby, Mix Me a Drink 2 of 10
    Baby, Mix Me a Drink
    I'm sure many a parent has wanted a stiff drink at the end of an exhausting day spent with their infant. Well, Lisa Brown, author of this book, suggests putting your little one to work by teaching them to mix you a drink. This book is one of six in the series called "Baby Be of Use" and it will take the boredom out of board books.
  • The Perfect Baby Handbook 3 of 10
    The Perfect Baby Handbook
    A perfectly satirical take on the minutiae of child rearing that keeps anxious new parents up at night. Dale Hrabi covers topics on everything from 52 flawless baby names to co-pooping that will have you laughing instead of worrying for once.
  • If These Boobs Could Talk 4 of 10
    If These Boobs Could Talk
    This book actually has useful information about breast feeding, but it's peppered with amusing anecdotes that will help you find the humor in breast feeding. As you read you'll learn important information like "How to console a rejected breast" and "Bad times to breast feed" (i.e. while competing in a bowling tournament) that just might give you the encouragement to keep on breast feeding.
  • Pat the Zombie 5 of 10
    Pat the Zombie
    A spoof on the classic childhood favorite "Pat the Bunny", but in this darkly funny version, it's all about zombies and instead of Judy reaching to touch daddy's cheek, she can stroke the zombie's decaying jaw. Very educational should a zombie apocalypse befall your child.
  • Raising The Perfect Child 6 of 10
    Raising The Perfect Child
  • What To Expect When Your Wife’s Expanding 7 of 10
    What To Expect When Your Wife's Expanding
  • Naptime is the New Happy Hour 8 of 10
    Naptime is the New Happy Hour
  • expecttheunexpected09 9 of 10
  • sippycups10 10 of 10

1. Monsters Eat Whiny Children by Bruce Eric Kaplan

2. Baby Mix Me a Drink by Lisa Brown

3. The Perfect Baby Handbook by Dale Hrabi

4. If These Boobs Could Talk by Shannon Peyette and Adrienne Hedger

5. Pat the Zombie by Aaron Ximm and Kaveh Soofi

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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