5 More Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms

maternity photos I’ve already done a post on pregnancy symptoms that have surprised me but they just keep on popping up. Everyday it feels like I think, “Wait, is this pregnancy related? What is going on?” Not that I’m complaining, I know surprises come with the territory and I couldn’t be happier to be pregnant no matter what comes my way. Plus, my husband always says I love surprises.

Here are five things that have snuck up on me lately.

1. Blurry vision
I’ve always had good eye sight so the other night when I went to a basketball game with my husband and couldn’t see clearly across the gym, I was a tad scared. Then I remembered reading that during pregnancy hormones cause fluid buildup in your eyes. Who knew?

2. Feeling kicks in the back
Sometimes it feels like this kid is kicking me in the back and bottom repeatedly. I guess he knows just the right place to hit. I’m such a first time pregnant lady to be surprised by this.

3. Forgetting how far along I am
At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was counting down the days not just the weeks. Now when someone asks me how far along I am I have to think a bit before I can remember. Maybe it’s from being super busy lately or pregnancy brain working it’s magic.

4. Bleeding gums
I’ve never been fond of flossing but now it’s slightly painful.

5. Veiny
I haven’t gotten varicose veins yet (crossing my fingers that I don’t ever) but my hands, arms and near my collar bone look like a blue roadway.

Anything snuck up on you lately?

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