5 Must-Have Products For Your Third Trimester

third trimesterThe third trimester of pregnancy is one of my favourite stages.  It is where there is absolutely no denying that there is a baby growing, your stomach is beautifully round and your baby is big enough for you to feel every movement.

It’s also a stage where you may get the return of many of the first-trimester symptoms.  You are also carrying a lot more weight and are off balance so taking things slower is usually a good thing.

There are products that I found helped a lot when in the third trimester. Click through to find out which ones I think are must-haves:


  • Belly Belt Support 1 of 5
    Belly Belt Support
    If you are having lower back back pain caused by the giant baby belly - a support belt can offer a lot of help by holding some of that pressure off.

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  • Third Trimester Tea 2 of 5
    Third Trimester Tea
    The third trimester is a time where there may be many worries and anticipations about birth and the changes in life. This tea offers a nice relaxing feel and an excuse to sit and enjoy.

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  • Guide to Breastfeeding 3 of 5
    Guide to Breastfeeding
    Gearing up for the birth of your child now is a good time to read up more about breastfeeding and setting yourself up for the best chances of success.

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  • Spa Finder 4 of 5
    Spa Finder
    No better time then now to get yourself a spa appointment. Go get a pregnancy massage or treat yourself to a pedicure.

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  • Cushion Support Shoes 5 of 5
    Cushion Support Shoes
    High cushion support shoes make an amazing difference in the last trimester of pregnancy. The comfort for your feet go all the way up to your back and you will notice a huge difference.

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:: What products did you find helpful when you were in the third trimester? ::


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