5 Pregnancy Trends I Hate

When it comes to pregnancy, there is no shortage of trends. People love to get all creative when it comes to styling their weekly “bump” photo shoots and gender reveal parties and I don’t begrudge them that. I had a gender reveal party, too, the first time around. But there are definitely some trends that I find more obnoxious than others… ones that kind of make me want to poke my eyes out with a dull fork (OK, maybe that was a¬†teeny bit¬†extreme, but still…). Here are five pregnancy trends I just can’t stand. Which ones would you add to this list?

1. Photos with your “pregnant” spouse

I have no idea why people do this. That hairy beer belly next to the actual baby belly? No. Just no. I get that people are trying to be funny, but it’s really more gross than funny.

2. Empire waists + baby prints

For some reason many maternity retailers have gotten the false impression that empire waist tops are flattering on pregnant women — particularly when designed in a cutesy print that looks like it would perfectly coordinate with your new baby’s nursery bedding. Newsflash: Just because we’re pregnant doesn’t mean we want to wear ill-fitting clothing in baby-ish prints. We’re having a baby, but that doesn’t mean we want to dress like one.

3. Heart hands photos

That lead image for this blog post? That’s actually me when I was pregnant with my daughter doing the “heart hands” photo as a joke with a friend. I posted it on Instagram and instantly got a ton of comments about how sweet it was. Joke fail. I’m not sure why this trend bugs me so much, but it just does… plus it’s totally played out.

4. Pee stick photo announcement

I’ll admit I did snap some photos of my positive pregnancy pee stick for posterity’s sake, but I can’t lie… I think it’s a little weird when people post them all over their social media or especially when they use them as their Facebook profile photo. Seriously? I just can’t get behind that. I realize that this one will probably annoy people because I know a ton of people do it, but oh well. I realize it’s my own hang up… but I just think it’s weird to share photos of something you peed on. If I peed on anything else, I certainly wouldn’t share it on the interwebs. Just sayin’.

5. Live tweeting labor

Three letters my friends: TMI. There are some things that are better left a mystery. If I’m going to read your birth story on your blog or something, then obviously I’m looking for all the details, but if I’m an unsuspecting friend perusing my Facebook or Twitter feed only to be greeted by live status updates about your mucus plug or your effaced cervix… well, not so much. Also, I want to know who, in the middle of labor, actually has the mental clarity to live update people on their birth experience? I definitely didn’t, but perhaps I’m projecting. Some things may be worth keeping to yourself though.

Now I want to know… what pregnancy trends do you hate most?

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