5 Reasons Women Don't Like Their Childbirth Class

Since last summer when I started my training to become a childbirth education teacher, specifically a Lamaze teacher… I noticed a pretty big trend. There are a ton of women who hated their childbirth class.

Through passing conversation I took the time to really see why women felt this way, and narrowed it down to 5 reasons women couldn’t have cared less for these classes.  And I also came up with ways these same women could have enjoyed their classes more, and made the most of them to prepare for their upcoming delivery.

1. The picked the wrong childbirth class!  –  If you are planning on having a scheduled c-section, or want nothing to do with natural childbirth… picking a class focused around natural childbirth probably isn’t the best idea.  In fact, it will probably just piss you off and make you hate your class in general. In the case you desire a type of delivery that wouldn’t jive with Lamaze, The Bradley Method, or Hypnobirthing… you may want to opt for the class the hospital provides, or see if they have a class which specifically touches on c-sections to make the most of it.  Many hospitals today offer a variety of different classes for expecting parents, so check out the full list!

2. The Teacher! –  I have heard so many comments about the crazy hippy type childbirth teachers, which personally I still have yet to meet one, but if you aren’t jiving with the teacher, chances are you aren’t going to get much out of the class itself.  A learning environment needs to be comfortable, as well as friendly.

3. The Cost! – Yes, just like everything in life childbirth classes cost money!  Some upwards of $500 for a course that spans 6 weeks or even longer. Something those looking at these classes need to consider is like any other field, the teachers need to make a living also. They often have overhead costs such as rent, and even liability insurance in some cases.  Nothing good, or quality these days comes for free, and if the class is truly important to you, and you really want to learn about birth… it is money well spent!
Heck, some people even request their childbirth class for their baby shower!

4. The Other Couples!  – Sometimes you get that annoying husband in one of the classes who never shuts up, or has a sarcastic comment for the terms and diagrams.  While we can’t control the other people, there are some teachers out there who offer private classes without other couples.  If you think you might be annoyed by this kind of person, talk to your partner about taking a private class!

5. The Time! – Most childbirth courses run about 6 weeks unless you are taking the 8-12 hour hospital course which is a one day class. In our society with most couples both working full time, it becomes difficult to get them both together weekly for these classes, but if you are really dedicated to becoming educated and having a positive birth experience… you can make time. Pick one TV show to miss or DVR, or one weekly event or night at the gym to skip. It is only for a couple weeks!

What did you like and dislike about your childbirth class?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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