5 Stylish Hospital Gowns

When I pack my hospital bag, there is one thing I never think twice about – my collection of Annie + Isabel designer hospital gowns. I love them! From the zebra print Susan gown to the Anita floral and my new one, the Evelyn. I’ve got them ready to go every time I visist the hospital. It’s just something about the high-quality fabric, pretty pattern + my bum not hanging out that makes a hospital stay so much better. I feel fabulous in a not-so-generic hospital gown. I mean, let’s be serious, when your already uncomfortable waiting to deliver who wants a stiff hospital gown. Not to mention, who knows it’s previous life or owner. It’s just something about those nasty gowns that give me the creeps. It’s just one of those things I would rather bring of my own.

So, every time I head to the hospital, I make sure my gals are packed. You may think I am crazy for speaking so highly of a hospital gown but – don’t knock it until you try it. It’s just something about a cute, fun and super-comfy gown that just makes you feel so much better. Annie + Isabel gowns do just that. Oh, and it’s always great for a photo opp when your newly born Little!  While Annie + Isabel gowns are my first choice + absolute favorite – there are quite a few options of stylish hospital gowns on the market.

After the jump, forget those crunchy + so not comfortable hospital gowns and browse 5 stylish alternatives. 

  • The Susan, Annie + Isabel 1 of 5
    The Susan, Annie + Isabel
    The Susan, Annie + Isabel And here she is - the gown I got tons of compliments on when I cruised down to the NICU after my last delivery. Not to mention, I got my little girl a matching outfit which was a big hit. I just can't get enough of the hot pink trim and zebra print.
    The perfect gown, Annie + Isabel
  • Dear Johnnies 2 of 5
    Dear Johnnies
    Before Annie + Isabel, I gave birth in Dear Johnnies hospital gowns. They have a great choice of fabrics and I love the pretty ribbon on the back.
    Visit Dear Johnnies
  • Birthing Gown 3 of 5
    Birthing Gown
    Not into the hospital gowns? Go for a Birthing Gown that has many different uses from pregnancy, hospital stay and works perfectly once you are home nursing. It's a great alternative to an average hospital gown. Super-comfy too! You can even wear it as a dress.
    Check it out on Bella Blu Maternity
  • Gownie 4 of 5
    Creating some serious coverage, the snaps down the back make sure you aren't showing off your goods. It's also one of the less expensive gowns on the market. You may notice it from the hit TV show, The Office! Bethenny Frankel also wore one during her labor on The Real Housewives of New Yrok.
    Grab one from Baby Be Mine
  • Go Handmade 5 of 5
    Go Handmade
    Browse Etsy! Why not support handmade? You can browse over 1,000 gowns to find the perfect one for your special day!
    Grab a cute one from Mod Mum

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