5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier About Trying to Conceive

5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier About Trying to ConceiveWell, I am not pregnant. I was so hopeful last month and my chart was pretty clear to me, but it turns out I had that pregnancy-like progesterone boost from an ovarian cyst, not baby.

So, on to the next month it is for us. This is the longest that it’s taken for us to get and stay pregnant and I am honest when I say it’s starting to take a toll on me. I know that 6 months is not long in comparison to other couple’s journey, but for me the whole process can be quite stressful. I am so ready to be pregnant and all the fun that comes with that and I’m pretty over the whole trying to get knocked up thing.

I have learned a lot this time around while trying to get baby #4. It’s beyond the science of basal body temping and conception and I’ve learned more about things that you probably won’t read in any how-to book.

Click through to read 5 things I wish I knew earlier about the journey of trying to conceive:

  • Good Health is So Important 1 of 5
    Good Health is So Important
    I have low metabolism and it's having an impact on my fertility. I know that being healthy is important, but I wish I had put more on it when I was first TTC.
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  • Spontaneity is Important 2 of 5
    Spontaneity is Important
    Chore sex is not fun and it kind of kills the mood. It's so important to still be spontaneous and be intimate outside of only your fertile zone.
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  • Relaxing is Hard 3 of 5
    Relaxing is Hard
    it's important to be relaxed in life and when ttc, stress can hinder things. It's hard though wondering and worrying if this month will work. I never realized how hard it would be to relax through it all.
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  • Over-analyzing Won’t Help 4 of 5
    Over-analyzing Won't Help
    I am an over-analyser in all areas of life and it certainly applies to trying to conceive. I spend too much time staring at my BBT charts and wondering. It doesn't change anything and really just ups the not-being-able-to-relax thing.
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  • Patience is Tough 5 of 5
    Patience is Tough
    Oh it's hard to be patient when you can see your body is working like it should, but it's just not happening. I didn't realize that it would be this hard to relax as much as I could through this process.
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