5 Things To Do With Your Partner Before The Baby Arrives

alyson levi baby party
Here's a picture of my husband and I from our baby celebration last weekend!

My husband and I have always been really close.  We spend every moment possible together and are basically each others best friend.  With just about a month until my due date, we both know it – our life together is about to get flipped and turned upside down.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more right now than to welcome this little person into our life, but there is still a part of me that aches for the things that won’t be the same in our lives for years to come.  Here’s our quick list of 5 things to do together before the baby arrives.

Go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Cozy restaurants and babies don’t mix.  Whether you go out to your favorite spot or try out a new place, really indulge on dinner.  That means order an appetizer and dessert!

Enjoy your hobbies. Before I became pregnant, my husband and I enjoyed lots of activities together: backpacking in the forest, sampling beers at one of the local breweries or bike riding along the waterfront.  While I won’t be sampling beer anytime before baby’s arrival, going on a nice mellow hike is on my list of things to do before the he makes his appearance.  Who knows how long it’ll be before we hit the trails!

Pamper yourselves. Preparing for a new baby is overwhelming!  Even though Mama will be the one delivering the baby and breast feeding at all hours of the day, Dad needs some pre-baby pampering too.  After all, he’s your #1 fan and biggest supporter!  Schedule a massage together or simply rub each others feet at night.  Once the baby arrives you’ll be lucky if you have time to scratch each others back so take a little time to focus on yourselves.

Enjoy time with friends. Time with friends doesn’t have to end once the baby arrives but it’s likely that in those first few weeks, you just won’t feel like socializing.  Spend time with friends before the baby arrives because it might be awhile before you can get out of the house again.

Take a mini vacation or stay-cation. Head to the beach and show off that bump or take a few days off from work, just to relax at home.

And a little bonus tip:  Just spend time alone together. Pretty soon we’ll have a little baby demanding our undivided attention and taking up all our alone time.  During these last few weeks, my husband and I plan to spend every second we can get, just enjoying our time together.

Do you have any suggestions I may have left out?  I’d love to hear!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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