5 Things You Might Miss About Pre-Baby Life

My sister  just had her second son this summer (her first son’s two).  Naomi writes about her life with those little guys for Babble’s Baby’s First Year Blog. She posted yesterday about the top 5 things she misses about life before babies.  People are always telling you to “enjoy things while you can” when you’re pregnant. After all, it’s your LAST CHANCE! I’m not a fan of this last-chance pressure. As far as I’m concerned, once you’re pregnant, you’re already pretty well on your way to becoming a parent, accompanying sacrifices included.

Still, I think there is value in hearing other people’s stories.  Part of the hard part of post baby life is not knowing what the hell hit you.  It’s like Babble founder Alisa said about her postpartum loneliness: Why didn’t anybody tell me? Sometimes people try to protect new moms by keeping their mouths shut. But I think the code of silence can sometimes do just the opposite. I always feel like knowing what to expect could take the edge off.

So here’s what some moms say they miss:

1. Leisure Time: Time to read a magazine. Time to give myself a pedicure, or even just clip my toenails after a shower. Time to put on make-up, or take a bath, etc. Really, time to do anything without rushing like a maniac. What does it say about life when cleaning the kitchen is actually a break from parenting, and I even have to rush when I’m doing that.

2. Spontaneity: Unless you call pulling into the El Pollo Loco drive-thru spontaneous, of course. Gone are the days when we could jump on a Southwest Flight to Vegas on a Friday afternoon. Granted, we only did that once, but still…

See the rest of Naomi’s top 5 and a whole lot of comments from other moms about the things they miss about life before babies at Baby’s First Year. Do you have any predictions of your own?

photo: Meagan/flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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