5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Pregnancy Scrapbook

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Pregnancy Scrapbook

While pregnancy may feel like the longest nine months of your life, it’s sure to go by much more quickly than you ever realize. In fact, it goes by so quickly and your life is forever changed afterward that it’s not uncommon for women to forget certain aspects of their pregnancies. What week did my morning sickness end? When did I start wearing maternity clothes?

Pregnancy is a special time. What better way to document it all than with a fun and forever pregnancy scrapbook? It’s easy to create one, and the sooner you begin, the better. Check out these tips for creating the prefect pregnancy scrapbook that will become your baby’s first love-filled keepsake, and tell me what is most special about the scrapbook you’re creating!

  • Start as Soon as You Find Out 1 of 5
    Start as Soon as You Find Out
    The quicker you begin your pregnancy scapbook, the quicker you'll have one place to put everything. It's less overwhelming to create a scrapbook that chronicles your nine-month journey if you make pages as you go along.
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  • Take a Bagillion Pictures 2 of 5
    Take a Bagillion Pictures
    You want as many pictures of your growing belly as possible, so get comfortable in front of the camera! Keep your camera with you at all times, or snap pictures with your smart phone. Be sure to include pictures of your baby shower, if you have one, and action shots of you decorating the nursery.
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  • Write Down EVERYTHING 3 of 5
    Write Down EVERYTHING
    You'll be amazed how quickly you forget things, so write it all down! Include the first morning you got sick, the first time you felt Little One kick, your fears about becoming a mother. These personal notes will create special moments when you share them later on.
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  • Save Everything 4 of 5
    Save Everything
    Ultrasound pictures, baby-names lists, empty candy wrappers of your most-craved sweet, movie tickets of your last date before Baby arrived. Save 'em all.
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  • Have a Scrapbooking Party 5 of 5
    Have a Scrapbooking Party
    You might consider including pages created by your friends and close family members. Have a scrapbooking party and ask everyone to create a page for you and/or the baby. You could also ask baby-shower guests to bring a completed scrapbook page with them to your shower that you put in your pregnancy scrapbook.
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