5 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip While Pregnant

5 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip While Pregnant
5 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip While Pregnant

This past weekend, in honor of 2 birthdays and Mother’s Day – we headed out on a family road trip. Our family LOVES road trips. In a previous, less 1 child life –  it wasn’t unusual for us to take 10 road trips in a year. Fast forward a few years and me being pregnant. While I still have a secret dream to RV across the country for a year with our entire family – I now know I need to make sure that I’m not pregnant when that dream comes true!

Being pregnant and traveling, especially in a car for long periods of time has it’s challenges. Check out some tips for surviving a road trip while pregnant.

Here are 5 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip While Pregnant

1. Make Stops Every Few Hours

While pregnant, chances are you will need to pee in the first hour that you depart – so this may bit of advise not be all that difficult to follow. But let’s say you have a pregnancy bladder that can actually retain urine… make stops every few hours, get out and walk around. The movement will help your circulation as well as help any back pains!

2. Bring Your Own Pillow!

It’s amazing how a pillow from home can bring comfort. Whether you are using the pillow in the car for a head rest or back support – or in the hotel rather than some weird hotel pillow…  the comfort of having your pillow from home can make any uncomfortable situation a wee bit better.

3. Keep Hydrated – Bring Water

I made this mistake this weekend. We had a FULL 12-hour day of activities on Saturday. From 9:30 am until 9:30 pm and silly me just had 1 bottle of water the whole day. With the amount of walking we were doing, my body was waiving a white flag surrendering by day’s end. Laying in bed when we got back to the hotel room, the Braxton Hicks started and the awe ha moment of YOU DIDN’T DRINK ENOUGH WATER hit me. Always keep water near by, your body and baby need it!

4. Know When to Say When

One of the advantages to taking a road trip is the schedule can be YOUR’S. There is no waiting for a plane, train or bus. You can leave when you want or need to. Use that to your advantage. If you are doing too much, or if you just aren’t feeling good – know when to say when. Leave!

5. Enjoy The Trip – It Maybe Your Last For A While!

Road trips after baby is here may not be as easily done as pre-baby. Enjoy the trip while you can. Our 13-month old had 1 heck of a time trying to adjust to the car for hours at a time and then an odd bed. We are frequent road trippers and know that when this 4th bundle of love appears, that we may just be road trip grounded for a while!

If you are a frequent business traveler who is pregnant, check out 10 Tips to Better Your Business Travels While Pregnant.

What Travel Trips for Surviving a Road Trip While Pregnant Do You Have?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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