5 Tips To Survive Thanksgiving While Pregnant

thanksgiving pregnancy While most of us enjoy spending time with friends and family over the holidays, large gatherings can be a strain for anyone.

Combine the hustle and bustle of a big family get-together with pregnancy, and you might find yourself looking for a quiet place to hide.

Each phase of pregnancy comes with its own challenges. Check out these 5 tips to help you survive Thanksgiving while pregnant!

1. Skip The Cooking — No one is going to blame you if you don’t feel like cooking a large holiday meal. If you have the option, and don’t have to host a large dinner, opt to let someone else in the family take over this year.

2. Dress in Layers — If you live in an area with cold temperatures, resist the urge to wear a bulky sweater, and choose a few thin, removable layers instead. You never know when a pregnancy hot flash will strike, and being able to cool-off in a hurry can be a life saver!

3. Watch What You Eat — I would never suggest that a pregnant woman avoid indulgences on Thanksgiving, however, there are a few foods on the naughty-list that you should be aware of. Be sure to check out the Thanksgiving foods to avoid during pregnancy.

4. Bring Your Emergency Supplies — What emergency supplies? Well, if you are suffering from morning sickness or pregnancy-related heartburn, be sure to pack the necessities you need to muddle through. From hard candy, to ginger ale, to antacids — just don’t leave home without packing your go-to home remedies!

5. Relax And Enjoy — Believe me, I know that it can be difficult, but try to kick back and enjoy Thanksgiving as much as you can. This can be a tough holiday for pregnant women, because food is not always our friend. Just don’t overdo it, and try to be thankful for the gift of pregnancy!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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