5 Types of Expectant Fathers

Some fathers are into the pregnancies...and some just the babies!

After reading John’s post on 5 Types of Pregnant Women the other day, I thought: you know, there are different types of expectant fathers too. 🙂  So, with my husband’s input, I decided to figure out what they were and present them here!

So, first, there’s…

The “I-Don’t-Care” — This is the rarest of all types.  This is the type of dad who wasn’t sure he wanted a baby…and is not at all interested in the pregnancy or upcoming child.  Very sad, though a few of these do turn into the next type.

The “Tell Me When The Baby’s Here” — My husband actually falls into this category.  This is the guy who says, “Sorry, honey, but pregnancy just doesn’t affect me like it affects you.”  He’s thrilled that you’re pregnant and thrilled that the baby’s coming, but he’s just not into the whole pregnancy thing, which may drive you crazy at times.  He’s not the guy eager to feel the baby move or talk to it often (although he may indulge here and there).  Once that baby shows up, though, just try and keep him away!

The “Worried Dad” — As soon as you’re pregnant, he’s freaking out.  Try to carry a gallon of milk and he snatches it out of your hands because it’s “too heavy.”  He waits on you hand and foot during morning sickness (at least when he’s home), and calls your doctor every time something new happens.  In fact, he may be more worried than you, and drive you nuts on occasion when you are sure you are fine!

The “Pregnant Dad” — Whatever you feel, he feels too.  If you’re nauseous, so is he.  As you gain weight, he does too.  His back mysteriously aches as your tummy gets bigger.  He may even feel labor pains!  While it’s nice to have sympathy, it may occasionally get on your nerves that he’s acting pregnant when he’s not!

The “Nesting Dad” — He’s got big plans and he can’t wait for that baby to come.  This is the dad who buys the swingset after your first ultrasound.  He wants to make sure you’re completely prepared for any possible situation.  He dreams of the day he can teach your baby to ride a bike, and may even talk to the baby through your tummy and tell him/her so.  This dad is sweet, and definitely great when you’re nesting and need his help, but you may have to remind him that the baby won’t be ready for all these things quite as soon as he’d like!

What other types of dads can you think of?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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