5 Wardrobe Staples for Your First Trimester

Since being pregnant I’ve learned about a little thing called “first trimester bloat” and it is real…oh it’s real.  I’m not really sure how I never knew about this prior to pregnancy, but from all the reading I’ve done, I’ve learned that it’s basically caused by a progesterone induced slowing of the digestive system and a growing uterus.  In simple terms:  gassy-ness + grapefruit sized uterus = constant PMS type bloating.  No bueno.

Because of this enlarged bloaty feeling (AKA constantly feeling fat and not-so-much pregnant), I pretty much wanted to live in yoga pants and sweatshirts until about 8 weeks into my pregnancy.  But, eventually I decided that I should probably stop dressing like a sleep deprived undergrad and start dressing like a grown-up again.  I am a wardrobe stylist after all, so I figured if I can dress other people, I should probably make an effort to dress myself.

After much deliberating in front of my closet and some trial and error while playing dress-up, I’ve come up with five wardrobe staples that are comfortable, stylish and flattering to wear while dealing with first trimester (“is she or isn’t she?”) bloat.

  • drapey loose tank 1 of 5
    drapey loose tank
    I've been practically living in drapey tanks and t-shirts these days and this one from American Apparel is perfect. Cute on it's own or paired with a cardigan. Fit is key with tops like this - look for one that doesn't flare out away from the body, but rather hangs loosely against it.
  • high-waisted a-line skirt 2 of 5
    high-waisted a-line skirt
    High-waisted skirts are the best thing that ever happened to my newly pregnant body. Pull that skirt above your bump (or bloat in my case) and voila! The a-line cut will do the rest of the magic for you.
  • jeans with stretch 3 of 5
    jeans with stretch
    My pre-pregnancy jeans are officially uncomfortable, but I'm definitely nowhere near needing maternity jeans yet. Solution: Forever 21's stretch jeans. They're ridiculously cheap (these are just $10.50!), which means you can just go up a size without breaking the bank.
  • shift dress 4 of 5
    shift dress
    Every pregnant woman should own one of these. Strike that. Every woman period should own one of these. Covers what you need covered, but shows off cute legs.
  • button down shirt 5 of 5
    button down shirt
    When you feel like covering up that first trimester bloat with a sweatshirt, reach for a classic button down instead. All the comfort without the frump.


drapey loose tank:   available at American Apparel $24

high-waisted a-line skirt:  available at Le Train Bleu $114

jeans with stretch:  available at Forever 21 $10.50

shift dress:  available at Nordstrom $148

button down shirt:  available at Mod Cloth $39.99

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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