5 Ways Pregnancy Has Wreaked Havoc On My Hair

My nasty hair in its usual bun.

My hair is one hot mess. I hate it. I guess it’s only fitting that I feel my hair looks just as gross as the rest of my body. This pregnancy has completely turned my hair to crap…

I LOVED my hair during my first pregnancy. Not only did my normally thin locks plump up with lush volume, but it was super shiny and grew long and healthy.

However, with this pregnancy, my hair is nothing like it was with my first. Maybe it’s the difference between being pregnant with a girl vs. being pregnant with a boy, or maybe your hair is just different with each pregnancy? Either way, all I want to do is toss my hair in a bun and hide it under scarf or hat.

Find out the 5 Ways This Pregnancy Has Wreaked Havoc On My Hair after the jump…

1. Grease Monkey– My hair is SUPER oily and greasy at the roots. Even when I wash my hair, it looks dirty… like I haven’t washed it in days. I’ve tried switching shampoos, but nothing has worked.

2. Sahara Desert– My hair may be greasy at the roots, but it’s also dry and brittle all the way to the ends. Argh. How is that even possible? My hair has completely changed texture. My once stick-straight hair is now dry and wavy.

3. Grandma Greys– I can not tell you how many grey/white hairs are on my head right now. They have popped out like crazy with this pregnancy. Maybe it’s just stress, but I’ve heard pregnancy hormones can cause this.

4. The Color Fade– Yes, I color my hair. This is a personal choice you have to make for yourself. I’m personally ok with using a semi-permanent color on my own hair during pregnancy. Normally, (when not pregnant) my color lasts 6-8 weeks, but with this pregnancy I’m only getting about 4 weeks before my color fades and my roots are nasty. Those grey/white hairs start showing back up way too fast!

5. Growing Like A Weed– My hair is growing slow on my head, but fast everywhere else. I can’t keep up with the hair in my armpits. So gross…

The only hope I have is that maybe after this pregnancy, all my hair won’t fall out 6 months postpartum. I lost sooooo much hair after the birth of my daughter. I’m hoping since my hair has been completely different with this pregnancy, maybe it will be better post-baby? Wishful thinking?

What about you? How has pregnancy changed your hair? Hopefully it has changed it for the better. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, did you notice differences in your hair with each pregnancy?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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