5 Ways to Expand Your Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

When it came to maternity wear, I used every trick in the book to extend my pre-pregnancy clothes. Partly because I didn’t want to buy an entire wardrobe to wear for mere months and also because maternity clothes seemed to swim on me. (And I wasn’t financially able to buy a slew of designer maternity jeans.)

So I became a master at manipulating my pre-pregnancy jeans right up until I delivered. The most inexpensive, easiest trick is to simply use a hair elastic to expand the waist on your pre-pregnancy jeans. Take a hair elastic and stick it halfway into the buttonhole on your jeans. Looking down at the elastic, take the end that’s in your left hand and loop it through the end that’s in your right hand, and then pull tightly to secure. Now, instead of buttoning your jeans, just loop the elastic over the button.

Besides that trick, there are several more products designed to keep you out of the maternity wear section:

1. BellaBand

This is for covering up the elastic hair tie that’s holding your jeans together. The popular Bella Band is also designed to cover exposed skin, hide unbuttoned jeans and even hold up maternity jeans that are a little too big. ($26)

2. B Buckles

If you want a more subtle trick than a hair elastic, these B Buckles ($20 – $22) are designed to do the same thing as the elastic trick: expand the waist of your pre-pregnancy jeans. The band comes in plain denim or embroidered with various designs and words.

3. Denim Therapy

If you have a favorite pair of maternity jeans that you simply can’t live without for 9 months, Denim Therapy will insert expandable side inseams to expand with your growing body for $60. And then when you’re back to your pre-pregnancy size, Denim Therapy will remove the inseams as if they were never there.

4. Instant Button Jeans Extender

This instant button is a good fix for those early weeks of pregnancy, when your pre-pregnancy jeans are snug but maternity jeans are just too baggy. The Instant Button allows you to easily snap in a button wherever you might need it, extending the waistband without it being too noticeable. In fact, the Instant Button comes in different styles to match the original button. ($15 for two buttons.)

What are your tricks on expanding your pre-pregnancy jeans?

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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