5 Ways to Rent Maternity Clothes

Maternity wear rentals might be the smartest innovation in the maternity world since the Secret Fit Belly.

What pregnant woman wants to spend $100+ (or even $50) on an elegant dress that she’ll wear once — maybe twice — in her life? Or $100+ on designer maternity jeans that actually look flattering? Or even a winter coat to wear a couple months of her life?

There are several rental sites that have popped up, some offering more than others.

Check it out:

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    Rental prices start at $35 for a week, and you can order dresses in multiple sizes (for free!) and return whichever doesn't fit within 48 hours. In fact, you have a 48-hour try-on period with everything you order. And of course you have free shipping back, with no need to dry clean or even worry about small stains. This is a great site if you're looking for a fancy occasion.
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    One of the coolest things about this site is that they divide their rentals by occasion: baby shower, cocktail party, date night, and wedding. And I have to agree, this Maternal America dress ($39 to rent) is gorgeous for a baby shower.
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    Mine for Nine
    At Mine for Nine, you can borrow for an entire month (except for evening gowns, which has a 14-day borrowing window), and then you can decide whether you want to keep it for longer at a pro-rated amount. You also have the option to buy these items new, in case you can't live without it.
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  • Mine for Nine: Work Clothes 4 of 9
    Mine for Nine: Work Clothes
    Mine for Nine is a great option for professionals, as they have plenty of suits and work-appropriate attire. Perfect for important meetings or work conferences that would normally require you to buy a pricey suit on your own. And these are all designer brands — like Maternal America (shown) and Olian.
    Rent from Mine for Nine
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    Fashion Forward Maternity
    This site works best for pregnant women who want to rent in bulk. You have two options: Individually rent items for $23.50 per month, OR pay a $125/month monthly subscription and then spend $12.50 per each item. So if you want to rent 15 - 30 items of clothing per month, it's cheaper to get the subscription. And then exchange the clothes for new ones every 2 or 3 months — perfect for your growing size.
    Rent from Fashion Forward Maternity
  • Fashion Forward Maternity: Nursing Clothes 6 of 9
    Fashion Forward Maternity: Nursing Clothes
    Keep this site in mind after your baby comes and you realize how limited your wardrobe is for nursing!
    Rent from Fashion Forward Maternity
  • Belly Bump Boutique: Formal Wear 7 of 9
    Belly Bump Boutique: Formal Wear
    This site exclusively rents formal dresses from designers like Fierce Mamas (by Christian Siriano), Maternial America, Olian, Hatch Maternity, Isabella Oliver, and more. Belly Bump Boutique gives you a 7-day rental for $39 - $79 with free shipping and dry cleaning included. But note that they'll charge your credit card the full retail price of the dress plus the rental charge, and then refund the retail price back.
    Rent from Belly Bump Boutique
  • BFYB (Borrow For Your Bump) 8 of 9
    BFYB (Borrow For Your Bump)
    With this site, you have the option to buy it new or borrow it at 75% off. You can keep it for as long as you'd like, but you'll pay a monthly rate every 30 days. When you're done, just pop it in the pre-paid envelope and find something new to borrow.
    Rent from Borrow For Your Bump
  • BFYB: Outerwear 9 of 9
    BFYB: Outerwear
    Winter pregnancy? Don't waste money on a pregnancy coat, just borrow one.
    Rent from Borrow For Your Bump


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