5 Ways to Stay Positive While Trying to Conceive

6 Ways to Stay Positive While Trying to Conceive Trying to conceive is not as fun as it may sound.

I am in the 6th month of trying for a baby and it’s the longest it’s taken us so far. In the long scheme of things it’s not a long time and since I am 30-years old, 6 months of trying is not even something that should worry me, it’s pretty normal.

Even with that, it’s obviously taking longer than I had hoped it would. I am not giving up hope and am sure that it will happen soon, but I am not going to lie — it can be hard to stay positive about the whole process.

It may sound fun to people — the regular “relations” my husband and I have been having for the sake of “operation baby in uterus”, but that’s not really the case. I feel that with each month that passes there is more pressure (not meant by either of us) put on the month and that’s not really sexy or positive. It can take a toll month after month, but there are ways to ease that pressure and keep positive as the months go by.

Click through for 5 ways to stay positive while trying to conceive:

  • Live Outside of Trying to Conceive 1 of 5
    Live Outside of Trying to Conceive
    TTC can quickly become all-consuming. It's important for your positivity to do have other areas of focus beyond getting pregnant. It's harder than it may sound, but be sure you make time for your partner outside your fertile zone and enjoy each other.
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  • Communicate & Communicate More 2 of 5
    Communicate & Communicate More
    It's important to talk about what you're feeling because holding in anything negative will greatly effect your positive outlook.
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  • Find a Support Group 3 of 5
    Find a Support Group
    Life always seems to be more positive when we have people rooting for us and understand some of the stress we're under. Joining a TTC message board or support group is a great way to stay positive.
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  • Make It Fun 4 of 5
    Make It Fun
    It's easy to have TTC turn stressful, so do what you can to keep the stress away! Make it fun, change things up and do new things. Keeping the focus on new and fun ways to engage with your partner.
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  • Lower Your Expectations 5 of 5
    Lower Your Expectations
    One of the biggest ways I have found to stay positive it to lower my expectations. May sound totally backwards, but looking at the realistic statistics on how long pregnancy may take and what to expect from your partner is the best way to stay positive.
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