50 Things You Have To Look Forward To

Last week Ceridwen posted this poignant/hilarious list of the 60 best things about being pregnant. Inspired by this, my sister, who blogs over at Baby’s First Year, posted her list of the 50 best things about having a baby. I’d like to add a couple more to her list.

1. A constant topic of conversation at family events.

Bored with making small talk with Aunt Clara? That’s all in the past now. You’d be amazed at how many hours you can occupy talking about your baby’s basic digestive habits. And still be fascinated!

2. A built-in excuse for not attending any events, family or otherwise.

Not in the mood for the party? No problem! Just blame it on the baby. He’s fussy/tired/on an iron-clad nap schedule/busy with his mandarin sign language lessons. Remember: it’s not about you anymore.

All this and baby head smell too!  That’s the thing that always gets me wishing i had one of these new baby things. But the urge doesn’t last longer than the smell of the actual head. (Which is probably lucky, because it’s not so feasible to actually make a baby while smelling the head of a baby. Or maybe it is feasible, but it’s kind of a gross idea and besides, it’s totally not happening.)

So here’s what Naomi loves best about having a baby. My guess is you’ll love most of these things too…

1. Not being pregnant

2. Unbearably cute baby clothes

3. Baby smiles

4. Baby coos

5. Baby cuddles

6. Baby babbles

7. Hearing somone say “Mama” and they mean you.

8. Porn Star Boobs

9. Losing 25lbs in 3 weeks

10. Eating sushi.

11. Eating smoked salmon and cold cuts.

12. Eating unpasteurized cheese- or at least knowing you can, should you ever go to a
country that has some.

13. Realligning your relationship with poop.

14. Hey, You made a person!! That is HUGE!

15. You have something to show off at Trader Joe’s.

See the rest of the list here.

photo: Maessive/flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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